Solid Wood Door

Solid wood already has a strong reputation as a quality furniture option. Many people consider solid wood the best material when buying new furniture. It’s true that solid wood furniture comes with many pros to consider when picking furniture. Some of the positives include:

Classic Aesthetics: Solid wood is a classic furniture option. It works well with any décor and offers natural beauty appealing to people with a wide range of styles.

Character: Solid wood comes from harvested wood sources rather than being manufactured based on certain specs or to create a uniform look. Solid wood construction means no two pieces are exactly alike, giving each solid wood piece a unique character.

Durability: Furniture made from solid wood is very durable. It holds up to regular day-to-day use, making it ideal for any type of furniture in your home.

Versatility: Solid wood pieces come in a variety of wood types with many different finish options. No matter what wood material and finish you choose, solid wood pieces offer versatile decorating potential to work with your existing furniture and décor pieces.

Restoration Potential: A furniture piece made from wood has the potential to be restored should it start to show signs of wear. Scratches, dings and other minor damage can be fixed. You can also paint or stain solid wood furniture easily to change the overall look of the piece. This helps the piece match your evolving style preferences.

Natural: Solid wood furniture comes from nature. It’s not full of heavily processed materials with lots of chemicals like veneer or laminate. If that natural connection is important to you, opt for solid wood pieces.

Increased Value: Solid wood pieces often retain their value or even increase in value over the years. Even if you don’t want to keep the furniture forever, you can sell solid wood pieces at a premium. Veneer and laminate pieces tend to decrease in value.

Strength: Pieces made from solid wood offer a natural strength. This makes them ideal for furniture legs and support elements on furniture. Wood is better suited to accept nails and screws for more durable construction. Pieces made of solid wood handle heavy loads well.

Longevity: Solid wood furniture is not a temporary furniture option. It’s durable and long-lasting furniture. You can buy a solid wood piece and still have it decades from now. Many people pass solid wood furniture down through generations because of its enduring quality.

Veneer Door

It’s not solid wood, but the veneer is a solid choice for some people, depending on their furniture needs and budget. Check out these benefits of choosing veneer furniture.

Moderate Price Point: Veneer furniture typically costs more than laminate furniture but less than solid wood furniture. It offers a budgetary compromise if you aren’t comfortable with solid wood furniture prices but want to spend a little more than laminate.

Authentic Look: Veneer furniture uses a thin layer of real wood, unlike laminate, which is just made to look like wood. This gives the furniture piece a higher-quality appearance than laminate, which can make the piece seem high end when compared to laminate.

Uniformity: Since veneer is a manufactured product instead of harvested and crafted from solid wood, the pieces often have a more uniform appearance. This sometimes makes it easier to match the pieces with other veneer furniture.

Warp-Resistant: Furniture made with wood veneer resists warping. That means it retains its look long term. Solid wood furniture is more susceptible to warping than veneer furniture.

Lightweight Construction: The core of veneer furniture is made of a variety of materials, such as MDF and particleboard. These materials are lighter than solid wood and rely on glue and chemicals for strength. While this construction makes them a lower quality, it does make the furniture lighter for moving or rearranging.

Refinishing Options: The outer layer of veneer furniture is made from real wood so you can refinish it like a solid wood piece. You have the option to paint or stain veneer pieces. Like any furniture piece, you need to prep the veneer to help the paint stick properly. Because the wood layer is so thin, you don’t want to sand it too much. Hand sanding is usually best, as a power sander can go right through the wood layer to expose the cheaper material below.

Greater variety: Because the thin layers require so much less real wood, you may have an easier time finding exotic wood pieces in the veneer.

Laminate Door

While it might seem that a product not made of wood lacks benefits, it does have some good qualities, depending on your needs. Here are a few of the potential positives of choosing laminate furniture:

Cost: Laminate is generally the least expensive of the three main furniture types. If cost is your only qualifier, this can be a plus. You get what you pay for, so it’s not necessarily an investment piece. You may spend more down the road to replace laminate furniture that doesn’t hold up well.

Easy cleaning: Furniture made from laminate is easy to clean. Since the material is durable, you can wipe it down easily without worry of damage. Because it’s not actual wood, you don’t have to worry about specialized cleaning products.

Durability: Laminate is a relatively durable material, making it perfect around kids or pets.

Low Maintenance: This type of furniture doesn’t need much maintenance. You won’t need to polish or refinish the piece on a regular basis to keep it up. It can last several years without fading.

Greater Color Options: Since manufacturers make the laminate from synthetic materials, the options for colors and appearance very much more than solid wood. That variety lets you get a unique look for your furniture pieces. For example, exotic wood species are very rare to find in solid wood, but it’s a bit easier to make a laminate furniture piece look like that exotic species.

HDDoor Factory Manufacturing HDB Door

HDDoor takes the manufacturing of HDB Door / Fire Rated Door carefully into different steps seriously, at each stage our worker does their job seriously and carefully to ensure the good quality of workmanship. At each stage, there will be someone or more to handle it, from measurement and manufacturing and to the last stage of installation.

All worker takes pride in their work, we like to take up a different challenge. We like to encourage our challenge customer to give us your best design so we can produce even nicer designer door, our worker is always ready to take up the challenge.

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Barn Door / Barn Bedroom Door

Sliding barn doors offer a simple yet beautiful way to take the style of your home up a notch. They add an interesting element to space, and not only serve as doors but also act as a design feature. Regardless of how your home is decorated, HDDoor offers barn doors in a variety of different styles to make sure you can easily find the best one for your interior space.

Installing a barn door, new or as a retrofit over an existing opening, is a straightforward DIY job, much easier than framing a swinging door or, harder still, adding a pocket door. As a bonus, the rustic look of barn-door hardware suits the cottage better than a lot of modern, off-the-shelf doors.

Sliding barn doors are the right solution to make the room at home look wider.

Space Saver – Slides along the wall, maximizing floor space
Smooth Sliding – Easy to Operate
Natural Beauty – Made from 100% Solid Wood
Design & Style – Modern & Unique Feature Doors

Type of Barn Door Designs in Singapore

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Solid Nyatoh Classic Bedroom Door

Laminate Door has delivered and install classic bedroom door with full solid nyatoh wood. It can be installed for HDB, BTO, Condo and Landed House at Factory Price. It’s full solid core, not the hollow door or compresses fiber wood as selling in the market now. With full solid wood, you can have better sound and water resistance. It provides flexibility to match your interior to any color of your preference. It secures against intruders and thieves since it is difficult to break open.

Call our hotline 65898484 now and ask for free onsite quotation now, we will drive to show you the catalog and door sample.

Are you looking for a trustworthy and reliable supplier to replace the modern laminate/veneer solid bedroom door for your home?


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