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Veneer Solid Bedroom Door with Sliding Track


Firstly Sliding Bedroom Door are sensible and save precious space! For compact HDB, BTO, CONDO Flats, sliding doors play an important role in space-saving home design ideas.

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We hope that the refreshing model of the Sliding Bedroom Door can be useful and fulfill all your wishes…

Laminate Solid Bedroom Sliding Doors that open horizontally; more often than not in applications that divide two rooms or where floor space is a constraint to install a regular hinged door. Apart from the obvious aesthetic appeal that sliding doors represent, they also carry a host of functional benefits like ease of accessibility, floor-space efficiency and most importantly, the realization of wide openings.

Various Range Colour Options Available for Slide Track Please Check With Sales Team

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Veneer Solid Bedroom Sliding door fittings are made up of a runner and the roller carriage that it carries, these move the connected sliding door leaf and any other elements. Whether it be a roller or a bearing based sliding door fitting.

HDDoor offers a comprehensive range of fittings for glass, wood, and metal sliding doors that are also suitable for use with highly demanding applications in flats and business place.

  • Customizable and Extremely versatile
  • Available in a wide range of colors and designs
  • Fire/Non-Fire Rated Sliding Doos available
  • Multi-point locking systems for enhanced security
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Any Colour


3 x 7 Feet


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