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Barn Door

Barn Doors are more popular of their durability and aesthetic look. There are different types of barn door one is open type another is slide type. There is a wide range of barn doors available like a single leaf, double leaf, sliding barn door, barn door with glass & barn door with the sliding track.

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Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn doors offer a simple yet beautiful way to take the style of your home up a notch. They add an interesting element to space, and not only serve as doors but also act as a design feature. Regardless of how your home is decorated, HDDoor offers barn doors in a variety of different styles to make sure you can easily find the best one for your interior space.

Installing a barn door, new or as a retrofit over an existing opening, is a straightforward DIY job, much easier than framing a swinging door or, harder still, adding a pocket door. As a bonus, the rustic look of barn-door hardware suits the cottage better than a lot of modern, off-the-shelf doors.


Sliding barn doors are the right solution to make the room at home look wider.


Space Saver – Slides along the wall, maximizing floor space

Smooth Sliding – Easy to Operate

Natural Beauty – Made from 100% Solid Wood

Design & Style – Modern & Unique Feature Doors


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