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Laminate Main Door

Enriched with many years of experience in the door manufacturing industry, we are engaged in offering 3D Design Door, first and only door manufacturer in Singapore.

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Laminate is a man-made product. This means that it is stronger and that it tends to be heat- and scratch-resistant, making laminate easier to care for than real wood or veneer. For this reason, you don’t need to be as careful with laminates as you do with veneers. It’s also much easier to produce laminate products, so the price of laminate furniture is usually economical, making it a more budget-friendly choice.


Wood veneer, on the other hand, is a thin layer of real wood that’s applied to a plywood base. Because it’s a natural material, the wood veneer has a richer and more varied look. Since more effort goes into crafting a veneer top, they are usually priced higher than laminate alternatives. Wood veneer is softer and more susceptible to scratches and dents when compared to laminate. Wood veneer is available in different types, based on types of wood species, based on matches, based on cut, etc.

HDB Fire Rated Laminate Main Door

HDB Fire Rated Laminate Main Door – Singapore Direct Door Factory Sales to homeowner – we have a wide range of door design for you that sets in tone with your interior home design. Visit our showroom to choose the best laminate doors. Considering the best deal in town, get the top-branded digital door lock for your keyless home entry.

Buy Fire Rated Door and Get Free Smoke Alarm

HDB Laminate Main Door

HDB Laminate Main Door – Singapore Direct Door Factory Sales to homeowners – we have a wide range of door designs for you that sets in tone with your interior home or Office door design. Visit our showroom to choose the best laminate doors. Considering the best deal in town, get the top-branded digital door lock for your keyless home entry.

Single-Tone Design Laminate Main Door

Single-tone design laminate main doors combine sleek style and robust construction and are perfect for those looking for a unique, modern look. These doors are made with high-grade laminate and solid core to stand up to provide excellent strength & security. The single-tone design gives them a timeless quality that will complement any interior décor.

Two-Tone Design Laminate Main Door

The double-tone design laminate main door dazzles with striking contrast. Using complementary laminates creates a bold, eye-catching entrance. The dual laminates resist wear and damage equally, retaining beauty without the high maintenance. Stylish yet strong, this door secures the home with fashionable, long-lasting appeal.

Fluted Wooden Main Door

Fluted wooden Door – Crafted from high-quality, solid wood, the door showcases the natural beauty of the material, boasting a rich grain pattern that varies from piece to piece. The fluted detailing is meticulously carved into the wood, creating a sense of rhythm and symmetry that draws the eye and invites tactile exploration.

Groove Line Design Laminate Main Door

Groove line design laminate main door – the door that’s always in the groove! With its sleek laminate exterior and intricate groove details, this door can make an entrance like no other. Step aside regular doors; there’s a new stylish alternative with us. The Groove line Laminate main door gives a unique look to the interior with its sharp looks and cool vibes. No one can resist running their fingers along its smooth grooves. It just feels good to touch!

Stainless Steel Design Laminate Main Door

Stainless steel design Laminate main door – Add beauty and strength to your entrance with our stainless steel line laminate main door. Featuring customizable laminates along with a lustrous stainless steel lining on the door, this door brings enduring elegance. Built to withstand daily use while resisting scratches, water, and fading. It elevates your home’s curb appeal through quality craftsmanship and style.

Double Equal Panel Laminate Main Door

If you’re looking for a customizable door that combines aesthetic appeal, durability, and functionality, you’ve come to the right place. Our double equal panel laminate main doors are meticulously crafted to enhance the beauty of your home while providing maximum security and longevity.

Advantages/Pros of Laminate Doors

  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is highly resistant to scratch and abrasion.
  • It is the best choice for heavy use environments.
  • It can be installed over almost any existing floor.
  • Availability of huge range leads to least wastage.
  • It is easier to install than many traditional surfaces.
  • It is more economical and requires less skill to install.
  • It is moisture resistant. Also, it is an impact, shock, and pressure resistant.
  • Sweeping or vacuuming is typical, all it takes to get laminate clean.
  • It is available in numerous designs, patterns, colors, and textures and hence it is pleasing.
  • It is very durable, hygienic and relatively easy to maintain.
  • No polishing painting is required.

Advantages/Pros of Veneer Door

  • Aesthetics like Natural Wood with Low Cost
  • Flexibility in Designs
  • Increased Strength and Durability
  • Eco-Friendly
  • A better way of Wood Utilization
  • Non-toxic

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