3D Laser Cut Gate

If you have a design, share it with us, if not, our inhouse 3D Laser Cut design team will work with you to convert your ideas into a unique home gate.

3D Laser Cut Gate using mild steel and laser cut by machine to ensure precise workmanship. The flexibility it offers is unparalleled, and the best part, you can focus on your designs and HDDoor will take care of the rest. Laser cutting allows you to cut letters as per your brand. Provides clear identification for your dream home.

3D Laser Cut Gate Products

Buy your HDB Gate with our customised laser cut unit number panel to add a favour to your home today and get a FREE laser cut dog or cat.

laser cut dog design
laser cut unit number
laser cut cat design

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Looking at your main wooden door, if the door is a single panel (3x7ft) or double panel (4x7ft) with big and one small size panel door.

3x7 Mild Steel Gate
Single Panel Wooden Door = 3 x 7 Feet
Double Panel Wooden Door = 4 x 7 Feet


Powder Coat

Powder coating is a type of coating technique that is found and spread all over the world within past few decades. Powder coating process is done electrostatically by spraying dry powder to the mill finish product without using any catalyst, whereas liquid painting requires solvent or water as a catalyst. Moreover, unlike liquid painting, powder coating finish has no sagging mark.

Advantages of using powder coating:

  • A uniform thick coating is produced
  • Increase anti-corrosion/weather resistance.
  • Available in wide variety of colors.
  • It is more durable
  • Environmentally friendly and virtually pollution free.

Although powder coating has many advantages, it also has disadvantages as well, including:

  • Hard to achieve thin coating layers
  • Costs are high
  • Difficult to touch up
  • Requires longer production time

Airless Spray Painting

Spray painting is a painting technique where a device sprays a coating (paint, ink, varnish, etc.) through the air onto a surface. The most common types employ compressed gas—usually air—to atomize and direct the paint particles. Spray guns evolved from airbrushes, and the two are usually distinguished by their size and the size of the spray pattern they produce. Airbrushes are hand-held and used instead of a brush for detailed work such as photo retouching, painting nails or fine art. Air gun spraying uses equipment that is generally larger. It is typically used for covering large surfaces with an even coating of liquid. Spray guns can be either automated or hand-held and have interchangeable heads to allow for different spray patterns.

Advantages of using spray painting:

  • A uniform thin coating is produced
  • Costs are cheaper
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Easier to touch up
  • Faster production time

Although spray painting has many advantages, it also has disadvantages as well, including:

  • Hard to achieve thick coating layers
  • Easily get scratch but easily touch up

Mild Steel Gate

Mild Steel Gate is increasingly gaining its popularity in Singapore for Gate Replacement. Mild steel is the most commonly used steel. It is used in the industries as well in the different everyday objects we use. The advantage that Mild Steel Gate has over most other types of gates is their durability and strength.

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Tempered Glass Gate

Tempered glass gates are suitable for buildings where aesthetics and design are beneficial, as they combine smooth functioning with uncompromised security. You can even take in the scenery from the opposite side of the gate. This gives your entrance a distinctive and contemporary appearance.

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Laminate Gate

You can safeguard your home while maintaining a beautiful appearance with this laminate gate design. The laminate design gate is one of the most advanced alternatives. The laminate skin in front of your home is rather impressive. Choose a design that goes well with the rest of your home’s decor. Our laminate gate is just a way to display your originality and style, so if you want a big entry with low maintenance and security, go with our laminate gate and make your front door as grand as possible.

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Wooden Gate

A wood mixed metal gate at the entry provides great security and safety in addition to its aesthetic appeal. The gates are ideal in every way, including appearance, design, maintenance, and price. A magnificent wood blended metal gate will transform the security of your property.

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WAG Gate

WAG stands for Wall Art Gate and is composed of mild steel (most durable material). By selecting WAG panels for your house theme, you can create a unique style. Wall art design gate is used to adorn the inner wall as well as the external gate according to your preferences. Your home’s privacy and security are always protected.

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Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron gate is commonly used as the main entry gates for both HDB and condo in Singapore. Wrought iron gate is favored by most people due to its durability and a wide variety of design and color available.

Even though the wrought iron gate is liable to rust if it’s being put in outdoor and in areas with direct rain and sunshine, the period of the wrought iron gate will be prolonged if it’s constructed exploitation galvanized material. Galvanized wrought iron material is being treated by dipping wrought iron bar into a solution of molten zinc. Being a lot of reactive than iron, zinc reacts as a protecting layer preventing the iron material from rust.

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