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Fire-rated doors offer an extra layer of protection against the destructive forces of Fire, and assurance that your family and property are kept safe from the smoke and heat that comes with a blaze.

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We provide a comprehensive guide to fire-rated doors, including essential facts and tips on installation and maintenance. Our team has years of experience identifying the ideal fire door solution for any given building or situation – whether you’re looking for high-tech fire doors with additional features such as soundproofing capabilities, or more basic models that meet your local codes. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you need at an unbeatable price – so contact us today and prepare to be amazed!

HDB Fire Rated Main Door

HDB Fire Rated Main Door – Singapore Direct Door Factory Sales to homeowner – we have a wide range of door design for you that sets in tone with your interior home design. Visit our showroom to choose the best laminate doors. Considering the best deal in town, get the top-branded digital door lock for your keyless home entry.

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Fire-Rated Door Accessories

Fire-Rated Digital Locks

Just like Fire-Rated Doors, these Fire-Rated Digital locks are also tested and certified to provide a certain amount of resistance against Fire. We have some of the best brands like Solity, Igloohome, Samsung, & Hafele Fire-rated locks of the best quality. It is also important to research and considers carefully which type of lock is best suited for your fire-rated door in order to ensure that it meets the required safety standards.

Fire-Rated Door Regulations

If you’re looking to switch out your fire-rated door in Singapore, you need to be aware that there are certain regulations that must be followed! Not only must you install a self-closing device (door closer) per the HDB guidelines, any entrance door within 3 meters of the lift lobby or staircase requires a floor-mounted door closer.

Further, the same class of entry must be maintained when replacing the fire-rated main doors. What’s more, transom panels with over 0.5h fire-rated doors must be kept within the door frame and form part of the door set – so it is essential that these regulations be heeded if you want to keep compliant! When it comes to fire-rated doors, it is important to choose the right lock for the job. Our recommended choice is fire-rated Digital locks.

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