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HDB Aluminium Slide & Swing Door

Slide and swing toilet doors with unique designs and patterns add beauty to your interior decor.

HDB Slide & Swing Louver Door

The louver design slide and swing toilet door provides sufficient ventilation with the best comfort.

HDB Aluminium Bi-fold Door

Aluminum Bi-fold Toilet Door is simple and has a wide ranges of colour to mix and match.

HQ Bi-fold Toilet Door

Get the customized HQ Bi-Fold Toilet Door with more comfort and convenience at the best price.

HDB Aluminium Slide & Swing Glass Door

Slide and swing doors with a viewing panel allows you to enjoy the view on the other side of the room

Glass Shower Screen

A glass shower helps in creating a separate bathing space within the bathroom.

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Best Selling

The HDB Aluminum Slide and swing Toilet Door is gaining popularity among homeowners, offering extra space with its innovative Slide and Swing concept. Equipped with a magnetic lock for easy securing, it provides flexibility for interior design. Unlike traditional swing doors, Slide and Swing Doors don’t require additional floor space for opening and closing.

Check out the aluminum doors  in Singapore, explore the slide and swing toilet door price, and read reviews to make an informed choice.”

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Trend Setter

Are you searching for a toilet door for your HDB or BTO that offers enhanced ventilation? Our latest Aluminium Louver Slide & Swing Toilet Door is an excellent choice. Perfect for introducing light and air while maintaining privacy, this door also conserves space in your bathroom. Explore the benefits of the slide and swing louver toilet door in Singapore by visiting our showroom today!

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Classic Entry

The Aluminum Bi-fold Toilet Door is simple and comes in various colors to suit your design. If you want an affordable and straightforward option for your toilet door, this is perfect. The aluminum bi-fold toilet door frame is available in silver, with optional white or black (additional $50 top-up). You can mix and match the inner panel, creating a personalized interior design. Explore different bi-fold door designs, look at aluminium bi-fold door options in Singapore, find out bi-fold door prices, and choose the perfect fit for your toilet.

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Unique Style

HQ Bi-fold Toilet Door is an excellent choice for home-owners who want a durable and modern design toilet and bathroom door solution for your toilet entrance in HDB, private condo and landed property in Singapore. Let this stylish and simple HQ Bi-fold Toilet Door make your home unique, clean and modern.No matter what angle viewed from, inside or outside, you will only be able to see one slim join line.

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Elegant & Classy

HDB Aluminum Slide & Swing Glass Door for kitchen  Brighten up your Kitchen? Let natural light in with a glass door! The clear panes will make any space feel brighter and more welcoming and it is cheap and simple looking, this is the one for any room. Aluminum Slide & Swing Glass Door frame is available in silver, (white or black with an additional $50 top-up).

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Cozy Life Style

A crucial part of a Singaporean glass shower screen, the shower glass panel stands still, creating the fixed section beside the door. Choosing glass shower enclosures, ideal for HDBs, provides an attractive way to rejuvenate your bathroom’s look without extensive renovations. These customizable designs, embraced by builders and homeowners, elevate bathroom aesthetics.

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Size up to 3x7ft, bigger size available please check with our sales hotline.
-> Price Inclusive of Installation
-> Minimum 2 Pieces Order

HDB Aluminium Door and Slide & Swing Toilet Door

The HDB Aluminum door and  Slide & Swing Toilet Door is a modern, space-saving addition to your bathroom. Made from durable aluminum, it slides and swings effortlessly, offering easy access. Stylish and easy to clean, it’s perfect for modern bathrooms.

HDB Aluminium door and  Slide & Swing Louver Door

Meet the HDB Aluminum  door and Slide & Swing Louver Door—a modern, durable addition to any home. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, it’s easy to operate with a slide and swing mechanism. Stylish and functional, perfect for contemporary living.

HDB Aluminium Bi-fold Toilet Door

Check our HDB Aluminum door and  Bi-fold Toilet Door—an ideal solution for small bathrooms. Crafted with durable aluminum, it’s easy to open and close, perfect for tight spaces. The sleek design complements any decor. Upgrade your bathroom today.

HDB Aluminium Slide & Swing Glass Door

Look the Modern HDB Aluminum Slide & Swing Glass Door—a modern addition to any space. Combining sliding and swinging features, it maximizes access and space. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, it’s durable with glass panels for a bright atmosphere. Upgrade your space today.

Glass Shower Screen

Improve your bathroom with a stylish tempered glass shower screen from Singapore. These screens are strong, made from tough tempered glass. They look good and also help keep water in the shower. Easy to clean, they’re important for any renovation

Best features of aluminum door

Corrosion Resistance:

Aluminum’s corrosion-resistant qualities result in a low-maintenance frame.

It withstands weathering in harsh environmental conditions.

Customization and Imagination:

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to manufacturing aluminum to exacting specifications.

The material allows for a vast range of possibilities, from economical to elaborate systems.

Thermal Performance:

Aluminum door offers excellent thermal performance, contributing to energy efficiency.

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