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Transform Your Bedroom with Our High-Quality Furniture Sets, Tailored for Comfort and Style in Singapore. Explore Stylish Bedframe Options, Luxurious Bed Mattresses, and Customizable Adjustable Pillows for a Perfect Night’s Sleep.

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Enjoy a comfortable and luxurious sleep with DreamStar Mattress, proudly designed and manufactured in Singapore to the highest standards. Featuring the latest Pocketed Spring Technology, available in King, Queen, Super Single, and Single sizes.

Features of  Singapore Mattress:

  • The cooling property of ice silk material aids sound sleep.
  • Gel memory foam gives a pressure relief function and keeps your body cool.
  • This innovative Lady S Pocket Spring technology lets you sleep in any position.
  • Friendly to head and neck, adaptable to unique body shapes.
  • DreamStar mattresses are completely latex-free, hence long durability.
  • Motion Isolation feature minimizes the transfer of movement across the bed.
  • Mattresses are available in Single, Super Single, King and Queen sizes.
  • Compact Box Delivery option ensures hassle-free shipment.


Our Modern Bed mattress Designs and Sizes.

  • Size Single- Suitable for a single person.
  • Size Super Single- Suitable for one person who prefers more space or two small children.
  • Size Queen- Suitable for two adults or one adult with a big space.
  • Size King- Suitable for two adults who prefer more space.

Key Features of DreamStar Mattresses

* Our mattresses come with ice silk fabric. Ice Silk is known for its cooling properties and aids good sleep.

* Gel memory foam makes the mattress cooler and more comfortable, especially for hot sleepers. Gel memory foam also conforms to the body’s shape, providing pressure relief and reducing pain.

* Lady S pocket spring system offers exceptional support for your body’s shape and provides a peaceful sleep time.

* Our mattresses have layers of pads, foam, and spring in the middle to provide enough bounce.

Gel memory foam

This type of memory foam is infused with gel beads to help dissolve heat and keep the mattress cool.

  • Adaptable to every body shape and size.
  • Provides comfortable and sound sleep.
  • Provides support to the head, neck, and shoulders.


Free 2 pillows

We are making the mattress shopping experience wholesome with our pillows. Get 2 high-quality pillows absolutely free with every King and Queen size mattress. Experience a blissful sleep at night with our mattress and pillows. Soothe, Support, and Sleep Well – DreamStar Pillows!

dream star refresh mattress in singapore

Compact Box Delivery

* Our packaging is compact to get a hassle-free shipping experience.
* Compact box delivery saves extra packaging costs.
* Unpacking and setting up the mattress is super easy


dreamstar bedframe


DreamStar Bed Frame boasts a modern Scandinavian design that perfectly complements any style of bedroom decor. With its easy and quick assembly, it’ll take you only one minute to set up. The affordable bed frame frame is sturdy and strong, able to support up to 300kg, ensuring a safe and comfortable sleeping experience. Assembly is required for this product, but don’t worry–it’s simple enough that you’ll have it up in no time. Each pack contains one frame in your choice of king, queen, super single or single size–whatever suits your needs best.

Features of Bed Frame

  • Our bed frames are made of Solid wood to provide strong support.
  • Can withstand up to 300 Kg weight.
  • Available in Single, Super Single, King, and Queen sizes.
  • Our products meet all the necessary certifications including ISO standards.
  • Easy Set-up-Assemble the bed frame in just a  minute.

Our Modern Bed Frame  Designs and Sizes

Bed Frame Size:

  • Single – (90+6) cm x (190+10) cm x 130 cm
  • Super Single – (137+6) cm x (190+10) cm x 130 cm
  • Queen – (152+6) cm x (203+10) cm x 130 cm
  • King – (183+6) cm x (203+10) cm x 130 cm

bedframe king sizes
bedframe queen sizes
Bedframe-single sizes
bedframe super single sizes


Customize the adjustable pillow to suit your preferences by adjusting both height and firmness. Personalize your sleep for the best comfort and support. It’s the ergonomic choice for a better night’s rest.

Best Features of Adjustable pillows in Singapore

  • Personalize your sleep experience with hieght and firmness adjusting features.
  • Designed with three round holes to increase the breathability.
  • Provides support for head, neck, and shoulders to ensure a comfort sleep.
  • The pillow material is skin-friendly and anti-bacterial.
    Comes with 30 days warranty period.


Dreamstar product certifications

We’re proud of the quality and safety of our products. Our bed frames have multiple certifications, guaranteeing they meet industry standards for durability, sustainability, and health.

our certifications

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