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Nika Safe is a Singapore safe box brand, that comes with 24/7 technical support. Nika safe boxes are suitable for home and office daily uses. Nika safe is very affordable, considering the full features, the user-friendly functions, the reliability, and the responsive after-sale support. There are two categories of Nika safes: Nika Fire Resistant safes, and Nika Biometric Safes. You can choose to use password or fingerprint to open the safe. The safes come with mechanical override keys to ensure the peace of mind.

As the authorized dealer of Nika Safes, HDDoor provides the full range of Nika Safes with Free delivery and optional installation service are provided. All the Nika Fire Resistant Safes comes with 2-year product warranty; all the Nika Biometric Safes come with 1-year product warranty.

Ask the Experts

The cost of the safe: cost plays a vital role in determining the vault to acquire. It should be cost-effective and affordable.

The size and style of the personal vault: the size of a personal vault is determined by the items to be stored inside.

The quality: you should always go for a quality one that is free from any destruction.

The items to store in it: the value and quantity of items to be stored in a locker highly determine the kind of the facility to acquire. Different types are made to secure a distinct range of items.

The type of locks required: acquire a safe that has a lock that best suits your requirements.

Where to situate the safe: the location of the box is paramount. Always choose a location where you can easily access but secure from unauthorized people.

The material used in the construction: it’s material ought to be free from any destruction.

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