With the best vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore, you can expect great advice and service regarding the type of vinyl flooring to use for a specific area. To find cheap vinyl flooring in Singapore, contact us now, and we are here to deliver you the best vinyl flooring based on your requirements. Vinyl flooring consists of different layers of materials stacked together to create a single layer that offers great strength and durability imparting a nice texture to the floor.


Vinyl Flooring Singapore

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a type of vinyl flooring that is specially designed to imitate natural flooring options like hardwood and ceramic tile. Its modular format allows easy and fast installation providing a great advantage when renovating a home or a room.

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Stone Polymer Composite flooring or rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, makes this flooring so incredibly durable and water-resistant, maintaining its form even over uneven subfloors. You are free to install over almost any existing (hard surface) subfloor and for any amount of traffic.


  • Korean vinyl from $4.5 / PSF

  • 25 Years warranty

  • Safest Flooring

  • Non – Toxic

  • Highly Durable & Resilient

  • Affordable

  • Delightful beauty with a rustic feel

  • Versatile designs and patterns

  • Acts as insulation and water-resistant properties

  • Easy and less maintenance

  • Sustainable choice

  • It’s recyclable


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Vinyl Flooring
Singapore Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl Flooring

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Water Resistant / Stop Bacterial Growth

Water Resistant / Stop Bacterial Growth
water resistant

Stable Structure / Flexible Floor

Stable Structure / Flexible Floor
flexible and strong

Formaldehyde - Free / Non - Toxic / Pollution Free

Formaldehyde – Free / Non – Toxic / Pollution Free
envi free

Non - Slip

Non – Slip

Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant
fire resistant

Environmental Renewable Resources

Environmental Renewable Resources

Anti - Stain / Easy To Clean

Anti – Stain / Easy To Clean

Quick Installation / Simple & Easy

Quick Installation / Simple & Easy

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