HDB Aluminum Slide & Swing Door

HDB Aluminum Slide & Swing Door is similar to PD Door, Slide and Swing toilet door to give you extra space except it does not need to follow the track and uses the magnet to attract the frame to allow easy locking. Visit our showroom today to experience this awesome product. PVC Slide and Swing Toilet Door frame are available in silver, white or (black with an additional $80 top-up). The inner panel you are free to mix and match to match your interior design.

* Size up to 3x7ft, bigger size available please check with our sales hotline
* Price inclusive of installation
* Min 2 pcs order

Slide and Swing Door saves space for our small and limited apartment in Singapore context.

Slide and Swing Door do not need the floor space that a traditional Swing door requires for opening and closing.

Slide and Swing Door can be used as Toilet Door Replacement in HDB, BTO or Re-Sale Flat as it is water resistant compared to a wooden door.

The most reliable Aluminium Toilet Door Supplier in Singapore with high-quality assurance.

Our One Stop Service includes design, fabricate and install of aluminum toilet doors for Singapore residential and commercial buildings.

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