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Hafele Digital Locks

Hafele Digital Door & Gate Lock. Hafele digital locks are perfectly designed for Singapore’s metal gates and main door.

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Hafele was founded in Germany and is now a world-renowned provider of smart home and projects solutions since 1923. It develops and manufactures hardware technologies in Germany and Hungary. Hafele Singapore was established in 1988 to serve the growing number of local clients with their extensive range of Furniture Fittings and Hardware Technology including the latest digital lock from Germany.

Hafele Digital Locks

Step into the future of home security with our smartest keyless entry options for your sweet home. Delve into our new collection of digital locks at our Singapore store now! If you’re looking for Hafele digital lock reviews in Singapore or considering Hafele digital locks for home, we’ve got you covered. Explore the innovative features and reliability that make Hafele a top choice for modern and secure living spaces.

Hafele Bundle Sales

Hafele Bundle Sales for door digital lock and gate digital lock are the perfect way to save big on these essential home security products.

Hafele Digital Lock Features

Multiple Entry Modes

Multiple-Entry-Mode-150x150Works with PIN codes, Bluetooth keys on a smartphone, and emergency physical keys.

Mobile App-Enabled

Mobile-app-enabledGrant access to your home when you’re away, and set duration of PIN codes or Bluetooth keys.

Works Offline

Our encryption technology allows your lock to work without internet connectivity, increasing reliability against WiFi hacking.

Key-less Convenience

No more hassle of locating forgotten keys and no more frustration of accidental lock-outs.

View Access Logs

Monitor when visitors enter your home for peace of mind. PIN code access logs are updated whenever the master owner uses a Bluetooth key.

Automate Check-in

Airbnb hosts can sync listing calendars with their igloo home account so that PIN codes are automatically created for guests.

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