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Design your table in your own way with our one desk. It features a 3-tier height adjustment to grant you more comfort. HDDoor introduces to you an absolute high-class and stylish one desk table for great convenience. If you are looking for the one with the adjustable height and carry out your work with ease, then one desk table is the right option for you.

One desk is the motorized height adjustable desk and helps in performing various tasks easily while standing & sitting postures. It features a convenient control panel, an LCD Display, and 3 memory presets so that you can adjust the table to the height you are most comfortable with, achieving a level of the workplace, health, comfort, and productivity that makes you feel great and satisfied.

The One desk is highly used by most of the employees who prefer work from home, small scale businesses as well as departments at large enterprises use One Desk. If you are interested in the same, contact us to know more.


Excellent Strength

Exceptional & top-grade quality

Exceptional and top-grade quality

5 Years Warranty

Scratch & Water Resistant

Scratch & Water Resistant

Customization Available



1000+ Laminate Design Options

Height adjustment from 60-126 cm

Height adjustment from 60-126 cm

1000+ Laminate Designs in Four Different Series

One Desk Industrial Series
One Desk Marble Series
One Desk Pattern Series
One Desk Wood Series

Industrial Series

Marble Series

Pattern Series

Wood Series

One Desk Edges

Features & Specifications of One Desk:

  • A dual motor system enables a quick and more stable height adjustment. Also, offers a stronger, durable, and Smoother experience.
  • 3 tier square table legs column – This allows you to perform your work in a smooth and efficient manner.
  • Speed: 38mm/second – Fast yet steady speed that allows more reaction time for the user and yet fast enough to raise.
  • Load Capacity: 125kg – Heavier workload (Can occupy 1 adult and 1 kid)
  • Ultra-Silent operation – Noise level < 45 dB when adjusting – Like Refrigerator, lower than an electric toothbrush.
  • Enhanced anti-collision feature
  • Height adjustment of 60cm to 125 cm – Making you more comfortable to work in a correct posture thus avoiding health issues.
  • Hole less design column with very sturdy structure
  • Touch controller for table height adjustment – 3 Stage: Lower height and higher height (580mm to 1230mm)
  • Expandable function: Allow for future expansion when doing property upgrading.
  • LCD screen that displays table height
  • 3 preset heights set via memory setting
  • 1 x USB fast charging port
  • Lower Power Consumption: <0.5W (Same as TV on standby mode)
  • Solid wood core – offers you a wrap page free
  • Color – choose the best color from 1000+ laminates
  • 100% hand Made – Designed with care adding quality, creativity, and customization
  • Made in Singapore – Support Local
  • Customize and design in your Way – We specially design it for you ( Any type of Size Customizations can be done according to your requirements )
  • Size: Not sure about your size, we provide On-site customize measurement Anti-Bacteria (Certification) and Green Label (Certification) ensures no addition of harmful substances
  • Scratch-resistant: Specially coated surface makes it scratch resistant
  • Water-resistant: No absorption of water leading to swollen desktop.

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