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Zigbang Digital Lock

Zigbang smart lock is the next step in creating a truly connected smart home that satisfies the needs of users.zigbang knows that people are looking for tech solutions that offer real value,solve real problems and make everyday life a bit easier and has been realizing it through zigbang smart lock.

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Zigbang Smart Digital Lock | Zigbang smart home

Introducing Zigbang smart lock – the key to a smart home. With a focus on real value and practicality, Zigbang understands the needs of users and aims to simplify day-to-day life.

zigbang SHP-R80

IoT-powered safety for a world of limitless opportunities.

Experience the ultimate convenience of intuitive fingerprint verification, seamless automatic switching, and advanced infrared sensors. Our integration with IoT gateway and smart door viewers ensures unparalleled security right at your fingertips.

zigbang SHP-P72

The Most Advanced Door Opening Technology  With Push-Pull Lever And Finger Print Sensor

It all begins right here: Achieve unparalleled ease with a single-touch unlock and auto-lock feature; Fortify your security with the option of dual verification and Bluetooth cloud unlocking; Display cutting-edge science and technology in an ergonomically designed and sleek body.

Zigbang Digital Lock in Singapore
Zigbang Digital Lock SHS-1321

Zigbang SHS-1321

Reliable and enduring functionality – Perpetually Protected


This cutting-edge lock combines sleek design with top-tier technology, offering keyless entry, dual authentication options, and robust protection for your home or office. Elevate your security and convenience

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zigbang digital locks In Singapore
zigbang push pull signapore lock

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