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Arch Top Bedroom Door

For those who prefer a door that is curved on top like an arch, circle, or similar style! Then these are the ideal doors one can get. It creates a royal look as well as suitable to match any interior!

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Arch Top Doors are designed with an upwards curve at the top of the door. This adds a unique look that is sure to enhance any bedroom décor. Round Top Doors feature a circular curve at the top, offering a more modern feel to a space. And Circle Top Doors are more understated – nothing rises higher than the center of the doors, creating a sleek yet classic style.

Arch Top Bedroom Door

Having a magical bedroom door like this can bring long-lasting joy to your home. With 3 different styles along with laminates, you can create a warm & bright-looking door with great durability. You can also visit the catalog or call in and get to know about our immense selection of laminates featuring over 1000 different designs, and find the perfect color for your arch top, round top, and circle top laminate bedroom door to blend with your interior! Take a look at all the stylish options listed below and let us know if you need more information.

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These are the benefits that you can get from a laminate bedroom door with an arch top, round top, and circle top style:

  • They’re very Easy to Maintain
  • They can Resist Scratches & water
  • No painting & varnishing is required due to the laminate finish
  • High-Durable than any traditional main door

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