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Select and Install the Best HDB Bedroom Doors from Us

  • A goodnight sleep relaxes your mind, soul and body. A bedroom door that is more solid, resistant to scratches and sound is a better option for a HDB bedroom in Singapore. We deliver these HDB bedroom doors with best advice, such as the matching styles and other factors like doors giving the feeling of warmth, open space, and allowing the flow of natural light between rooms. Get the customized doors of your choice to enhance the look of your entrance at the best price. Do visit our showroom for the HDB bedroom doors and other best home automation products and get a free quote.

    Things to consider for the installation of HDB bedroom doors:

    ● Choose the best material

    HDB bedroom doors in Singapore are available in different materials. Wooden doors, laminate  doors, and timber doors are popular options as they do not warp easily. If you are not sure what HDB bedroom door design you want to pick a door of popular material, colour and texture, consult our professionals and we help you to design a door that suits the latest trend and home decor.

    ● Contemporary HDB Bedroom Doors

    Contemporary HDB bedroom doors are a popular option for Singaporean homeowners. For the contemporary bedroom door design, you can customize the doors with organic materials such as glass or marble tiles to create a unique and one-of-a-kind bedroom door.

    ● Check for the exact dimensions

    While choosing the best bedroom door for your home, check for the exact dimensions of your door opening and space allowance. Without knowing the required door size, there are chances of wasting your time, money and effort. Hence, the exact dimensions of your doors is a must for its installation. You can go single leaf – 3 x 7 ft and double leaf – 4 x 7 ft doors.

    ● Get the best type of HDB Bedroom Doors from us

    Our range of bedroom doors include the following materials:

    Solid Nyatoh Classic bedroom doors – Solid Nyatoh Classic doors are made from pieces of nyatoh plywood sheet glued and pressed together and can be the heaviest amongst all the other doors.

    Veneer bedroom doors – They are known as “designer doors”, their stylish look adds luxury to your home. Since veneer is a manufactured product instead of harvested and crafted from solid wood, the pieces often have a more uniform appearance. This sometimes makes it easier to match the pieces with other veneer furniture.

    Laminate bedroom doors – We deliver laminate doors like solid laminate doors with stainless steel inlay strip, laminate doors with two tone color, laminate door with groove line, Arch top laminate doors, etc. These doors are scratch resistant with odour free properties.

    Barn bedroom doors – Sliding barn doors provide a simple yet elegant way to style of your home. They add an element to space, and not only serve as doors but also act as a design feature. Regardless of how your home is decorated, we offer barn doors in a variety of different styles.

    No matter which bedroom door you are looking for, we are happy to help you. You can check out more products here and install the best one.

    Services that we offer:

    Regardless of your interior design choice, we deliver bedroom doors with:

    • Factory price
    • Warranty
    • Fire-rated
    • Customization
    • Specific customization on your bedroom doors including 3D designer doors
    • Additional add-ons such as door hardware or accessories, even integrating with our own manufactured smart locks


    For the best HDB bedroom doors visit us for more quotations and feel free to contact us. We provide high quality doors, gates, digital locks and other home automation products to homeowners in Singapore.

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