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everything you need to know about fire rated doors

Everything You Need to Know About Fire-rated Doors

what is fire rated doors?

Fire-rated doors are purely constructed to suppress fire from spreading for a specified period of time, so that people get enough time to evacuate from fire. These doors are installed for both commercial as well as residential properties. A fire-rated door is made of following parts:

  • Frame
  • Door closer
  • Hinges
  • Vision panel
  • Door handles and locks
  • Smoke seals

All these relevant parts of the fire-rated doors contribute to great safety and security. If one section of the door is not fabricated according to the standards, the whole construction might fail in challenging situations. The role of a fire-rated door is to restrain the fire, wherein the sealing expands and acts as a barrier for a few hours. However, a fire-rated door can be treated in various ways and given different ratings to show how long it can withstand heat from a fire. These doors are manufactured with a fire-rating from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. We deliver great quality fire-rated doors at the most affordable price. For more details, visit us.

What are fire-rated doors made up of?

A fire-rated door features a solid core material and a door frame based on the desired level of fire resistance. They are made of fire-resistant materials such as glass, solid timber and metal. In Singapore, they are used in HDB homes and commercial buildings. Wooden fire-rated doors usually have 30 mins or 1 hour fire rating.

What is the importance of fire-rated doors?

Most of the commercial premises, or residential properties greatly benefit from the installation of fire-rated doors. Installation of fire-rated doors aids greatly during fire-accident.

How to choose a quality fire-rated door?

It is understood that fire-rated doors are a crucial part of any property. Hence it is important to choose a reputable manufacturer’s and buy certified fire-rated doors for your property. It is advisable to examine the fire-safety certifications and labels before you install a particular fire-rated door. Our team is best in delivery, installation of best products, and quality service that completes your interior decor and entrance needs and keeps you safe at the same time. We use only the highest grade wood to design the best fire rated doors for you. Our fire-rated doors are tested and proven to be effective in fire accidents.

Maintenance and Inspection

Fire rated doors require regular maintenance and inspection. Regular inspection will be helpful to know the effectiveness of fire rated doors. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult professionals if necessary. Qualified professionals will check the overall condition of the door components such as seals, hinges, and locks.


The fire-rated doors designed by us last and protect in various fire hazards. We deliver great service with the proven methods of installation that protect your home in the best way. With the installation of fire-rated doors, your home or residence is a place where you can fully relax.



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