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4 Best Features of Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Locks

  • While you are interested in buying a digital lock for your home, you might probably look for its top features at the best price. One of that feature include – Wi-Fi enabled digital lock. Most of them prefer Wi-Fi enabled digital locks for great security and comfort. Digital locks like Samsung, Philips, Solity, Kaiser+, etc allow you to access using Wi-Fi offering you numerous benefits. We provide these digital locks at an affordable price. So, if you are looking for the same, do visit us and grab the best one. Wi-Fi-enabled digital locks are controlled and managed via Wi-Fi connectivity to some degree. It suits best for those seeking integration capabilities as the lock functions and works smoothly when connected to the Internet.

    1. You can manage your security comfortably via a Wi-Fi connection

    The Wi-Fi enabled digital locks allow you to access online at your own convenience. Since the system is linked to your smartphone, you can easily track and get records of people entering your home or unit. They are compatible with most Wi-Fi networks for efficient and smooth functioning.

    2. Temporary access to other users

    With the temporary access, you can allow your friends, guests, or other people to access while you are away. Also, you will be able to receive notifications on your phone whenever the access codes are used.

    3. Control and monitor lock activities directly from your phone

    The Wi-Fi enabled digital locks restrict access control and allow only authorized persons to enter your premises. You will instantly receive status and notifications of the lock in real time. You will not only control the system but keep a track of all activities on your device.

    4. Device integration capabilities

    Integration with smart devices includes a smart hub. Wi-Fi-enabled digital locks allow for said integration. The smart hub is a one-stop solution to control the multiple smart devices on one platform or application, streamlining the numerous third-party apps. Mostly, you need to connect to smart speakers to control your lock via voice assistants. You can lock or unlock your door remotely or check access logs using voice commands and more for a more convenient experience. Wi-Fi enabled digital locks function well with Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa.


    The above-mentioned features make the Wi-Fi enabled digital lock offer you more security and comfort. If you are interested in the same, do visit us and purchase the best one.

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