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The most reliable Aluminium Toilet Door Supplier in Singapore with high-quality assurance. Our One Stop Service includes design, fabricate and install of aluminum toilet doors for Singapore residential and commercial buildings.

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HDB Aluminum Slide & Swing Toilet Door

HDB Aluminum Slide & Swing Door is now the most popular option for homeowners, as it makes uses the Slide and Swing concept to give you extra space for your toilet. It also uses a magnet to attract to the frame to allow easy locking.

HDB Aluminum Slide & Swing Louver Door

Are you looking for a toilet door for your HDB or BTO toilet that provides additional ventilation? If so, our newest louver slide and swing toilet door is a great option.

HDB Aluminum Bi-fold Toilet Door

Aluminum Bi-fold Toilet Door is simple and has a few ranges of color to mix and match your own design. If you are looking for something that is cheap and simple looking, this is the one for your toilet door.

HQ Bi-fold Door

HQ Bi-fold Toilet Door is an excellent choice for home-owners who want a durable and modern design toilet and bathroom door solution for your toilet entrance in HDB, private condo and landed property in Singapore.

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