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What is HDB main door made of

What is HDB main door made of?

Hey there! If you’re curious to know what HDB main doors are made of, no problem, we can give you the answer; as door manufacturing experts, we know which type of door is suitable for your home. Our HDB doors are pretty sturdy since they got ta stand up to a lot of use, but you’d be surprised at the materials they use. HDB doors aren’t just solid metal or wooden slabs like you might expect. Want the inside scoop on HDB door construction? Read this blog entirely to know what you want!

Materials used to make our Main doors

These are the 3 core materials that we use in our doors :

Solid wood core: To ensure your HDB main door is sturdy and secure, it has to have a solid wood core sandwiched between two hardwood layers.

Plywood: High-quality plywood panels are attached to the outer side of the solid wood; the plywood is lightweight and sturdy.

Laminate: This layer is the outermost layer you see when you look at your HDB main door. It has a ton of benefits apart from the strength you get from the wooden core.

Made with Thickness, fire-rating & Digital lock compatibility

Our doors are made with these three things in mind: Thickness, fire rating, and digital lock compatibility.

  • HDB requires at least 35 to 40mm or beyond 40mm thick solid doors, which is why our doors are the same size(40-45mm). So you can fit additional locks or other safety hardware into the door easily.
  • We assure you Thicker doors, e.g., 36mm above, are tested and approved as a fire-rated doors. Our main doors can achieve 30-60 minute Fire resistance ratings, providing greater fire safety. The fire rating also depends on the door type (e.g., Our 3x7ft main door is suitable for HDB flats and can only withstand fires for 30 minutes, making it a good option for any HDB flats. However, our 4×7 ft size main doors are suitable for condominium flats and can withstand fires for up to 60 mins, making it compatible with a condo flat.)

(Note: Please keep in mind that if you’re willing to buy a fire-rated door make sure the door comes with a government approved fire safety seal whether you are buying a door from us or anywhere)

  • If you purchase a door from us and need a digital lock for it, you must ensure that it is at least 40 mm thick to fit all digital locks.

Benefits of having Top-manufactured HDB main doors

-Provides security, safety, and privacy for residents.

-Prevents break-ins and unauthorized access (if it is secured with a top-end digital lock).

-Maintains comfort by preventing heat/cold/noise from entering the unit.

-If you choose a main door with a Laminate layer, then you can have a scratch-resistant, more durable, and weather-resistant door


HDB main doors are sturdy and long-lasting since they get a lot of use, but they’re not just simple metal or wood panels. These doors have some quality materials and specs behind them.

The core of an HDB main door is a solid wood piece sandwiched between hardwood plywood layers and coated with Laminate for strength and durability.

In summary, HDB main doors are Purpose-built to high standards using durable materials and specs. They provide homeowners security, comfort, fire safety, and peace of mind. This helps give a good overview of what HDB main doors are made of in an approachable way! Please let us know if you have any other questions.