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Glass Doors

Opt for stylish glass doors for your kitchen, entrance, bedroom, or office to make it look wider and brighter. Glass door options include frosted, and clear where we offer tempered and fluted types to match your decor and enhance the aesthetic of your interior space

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Best Glass Doors Design in Singapore

Glass Door for Entrance

Clear glass double doors provide a classic, yet modern entranceway option that allows plenty of natural light into the interior while maintaining privacy. The transparent panels create an open and airy first impression while allowing those inside to see who approaches the entrance. Glass doors provide an elegant and welcoming welcome.

Glass Door for Kitchen

A  kitchen glass door entry provides an open, airy feel that connects the cooking space to the rest of the home. Transparent panels allow natural light to flow into the kitchen from adjacent rooms while still maintaining privacy for food preparation. Glass doors offer an unobstructed view of the dining area and living room from the kitchen, making it easy to keep an eye on family and guests while cooking.

Glass Door for Bedroom

Enhance your bedroom with a stylish touch using our bedroom glass door options. These glass entrance doors allow natural light to flood into the interior space, providing privacy when needed. With transparent panels, they create an open, airy feel, making the bedroom appear more spacious. Our bedroom glass doors offer a modern, sleek aesthetic that complements contemporary decor.

Office Glass Door

Office glass doors create a bright workspace, allowing natural light to fill the office and energize employees. The transparent panels offer visibility for greeting visitors while ensuring privacy when required. With a modern aesthetic, these office glass doors align with contemporary office design trends, presenting a professional and welcoming first impression for clients.

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Glass entrance doors make a big impression. They greet guests with an immediate feeling of openness and welcome. Natural light filters in through the glass doors, brightening the interior and setting a positive mood. Glass entrance doors blend transparency and style, reflecting your home’s aesthetics. Consider frosted or etched glass for some privacy while still allowing diffused light.

Benefits :

  • Welcoming Natural Light: Glass entrance doors flood the home with natural light, brightening the interior and setting a positive mood. Light streams into the home throughout the day.
  • Stylish Statement: Glass doors blend transparency and style, reflecting the design of your home. They can make a modern and sleek stylistic statement at the entrance.
  • Preview of Interiors: Glass doors at the entrance offer guests a preview of your home’s style and aesthetic as they welcome them inside.
  • Balance of Privacy: Frosted or etched glass types provide some privacy while allowing diffused natural light into the home. You have a balance of openness and separation.
  • Seamless Transition: Glass entrance doors, especially frameless options, create a seamless visual and spatial transition between indoors and outdoors.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Glass doors at the entrance require little upkeep besides periodic wiping cleaning. Due to that it’s pretty easy to maintain.
  • Elevating Curb Appeal: The right glass doors at the entrance can beautifully frame the entry to your home and elevate its curbside impression and overall curb appeal.


Glass doors for the kitchen allow natural light to stream in & make the space feel bigger and brighter. They reduce the closed-in feeling of a traditional kitchen. Glass kitchen doors can be framed or frameless, transparent, or frosted. Glass doors contain cooking smells and heat inside the kitchen while still allowing light to circulate. Regularly wiping clean glass kitchen doors helps maintain their see-through appeal.

Benefits :

  • They provide visibility: You can see into and out of your kitchen with glass doors, so that you won’t be unaware of anything occurring in the other rooms. This enables you to watch your children while cooking.
  • They improve airflow: Glass doors don’t restrict airflow like solid doors, so the ventilation and circulation in your kitchen will be better. This can help prevent odors from becoming too strong.
  • They have a modern and stylish look: Glass doors give your kitchen a clean, minimalistic aesthetic that is on-trend and visually appealing. They match the modern glass cabinetry that is commonly used in kitchens.
  • They are easy to clean: Glass surfaces are generally very simple to wipe down and maintain, unlike wooden or laminate doors that can trap dirt and grime.
  • They are versatile: Glass doors provide design flexibility, allowing you to match the rest of your kitchen’s decor however you like. You can still add decorative handles, panels, or mullions for added visual interest.
  • Safe and hygienic kitchen guaranteed: Since glass can be easily disinfected, glass doors help keep your kitchen clean and free of germs and bacteria.


Glass doors in the bedroom invite the outdoors in. They allow natural light to fill the space and create an airy, spacious feel. Glass bedroom doors connect you visually to gardens, patios, or other scenic views from your bed. Glass doors in the bedroom infuse a spa-like serenity, helping you drift off to sleep as the light fades and views fade into shadows. The right glass doors can transform an ordinary bedroom into a light-filled, view-filled retreat.

 Benefits :

  • Makes room feel larger & more spacious: Glass doors give the illusion of more space since they are see-through. This can make your bedroom feel airier and less confined.
  • Matches modern interior design styles: Glass doors suit contemporary and minimalist bedroom decor. They provide a sleek and uncluttered look.
  • Adds architectural interest to your bedroom: Glass doors offer a unique structural element that can make an otherwise ordinary bedroom feel more special and modern. The transparent glass panels provide visual contrast.
  • let you personalize your space: You can customize glass doors to suit your style, like selecting textured, stained, or patterned glass. You can also add decorative hardware and panes for a personalized touch.
  • Allows your decor to shine through: With clear glass doors, your wall colors, lighting fixtures, art, and furniture are on full display and become a focal point. They act as a frame for showcasing your interior design.

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