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Digital Locks and Digital Safe Box Makes You Chill Out During Your Holidays

  • If you are planning out for a weekend or traversing the countryside on a road trip or enjoying a family get-together in your hometown you might probably stress over returning to your robbed house. But with a few handy and smart devices, you can enhance the security of your home even when you are away on a vacation. Well, if you are planning for a vacation leaving your valuables at home, devices like digital locks and digital safe boxes are there to protect them. A digital safe box is known to offer you a high level of security from all forms of hazards and threats, like burglary, fire, etc. Also, personal documents or business documents like valuable legal documents and agreements, are well protected and preserved inside this digital safe box.On the other hand, digital locks are designed with significant and interesting features that relieve you from great stress and worries. Installation of digital locks and the presence of a digital safe box at your home is the ultimate solution that greatly helps in saving your property or belongings. Consider visiting our showroom to check out these products like digital locks from top brands like Samsung, Philips, Kaadas, and digital safe boxes from Nika, Nikawa, etc.

    Features of digital lock that protects you while you are away

    ● Intrusion alarm feature

    The intrusion alarm feature allows you to remain alert and take action against the thief once the lock detects it. It might so happen that the thief might enter your home unknowingly and suddenly the alarm sounds making you aware that the thief has entered your home taking away your belongings or valuable items. This helps you effectively to take action against that thief and grab your belongings from him thus keeping you and your property safe.

    In case if you are not present at home, your neighbour or people staying in your surrounding may get aware and quickly inform you about the incident forcing you to take action.

    ● Away mode

    If you are not available at home, to prevent intrusion, this feature generates an alarm sound when an attempt is made to forcefully open the door from the inside. In the Away mode, if someone tries to open the door from the inside, a “beep beep” sound is generated for 5 minutes.

    ● Prank prevention mode

    Prank prevention mode of the digital lock generates an alarm sound and deactivates lock operation when the door lock is improperly handled from the outside. If a fingerprint/mobile key not registered is used or if the wrong password is entered five times continuously to unlock the door, an alarm sound is generated and the door lock is deactivated for 3 minutes.

    Digital safe box maintains your valuables safe

    ● Prevention of theft

    Digital safe box, allows you to grant access only to authorized persons by giving them the PIN code. Thus, you can get the idea of exactly who has access and who doesn’t. Minimum access safeguards your valuables from any unauthorized persons or prying hands. Digital safe boxes are far more theft-resistant than drawers. Its most advanced locking system prevents forced entry and tampering. In addition to this, the heavy and sturdy material of a digital safe box is hard enough to carry and break open. In this way the digital safe box is resistant to theft.

    ● Secures your valuables from severe threats

    Digital safe boxes protect your important documents from incidents like fire and water, which is one of the most compelling reasons to use. This is one of the major advantages of using the digital safe box. This allows you to have peace of mind knowing that they are safe no matter where you are.


    Considering the above details you can get the best digital locks and digital safe boxes from us and keep your property safe. Its advanced features ensure that your valuables are well-protected even if you are out for a vacation making you feel more relaxed.

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