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Stay Safe and Never Get Locked Out of Your Home Again

  • Throw away the risky spare keys, lock rekeying, and worries about unlocked door while making your home safer with digital locks

Have you ever locked out of the house? If you are still using traditional locks they easily tend to get lost. In addition to this, there are high chances of an intruder damaging your traditional lock and entering inside causing harm and stealing your property. With the installation of digital locks, its high class features offer you top class security and convenience. Only authorized persons can enter inside and also maintain the track and audit trail records. Its user-friendly interface provides great convenience for children, adults, and aged people. Your property and belongings are highly protected, releasing you from extra stress and worries.

  • Smart door locks defend against common mistakes

If you’ve been locked out of the house before, you might think of leaving a spare key outside, probably near your front door. While you’re running late to work or in a hurry it’s obvious to leave the door unlocked. But a digital lock helps you keep your home secure with features that allow you to lock or unlock your door remotely. It also notifies you of the door status whether they are locked, unlocked, or remained unlocked for too long. There is no need to carry keys. Besides these, it also helps you to keep track of who enters your house and when. It’s time to say goodbye to your spare key—and hello to welcome the convenience that allows peace of mind.

  • Digital locks make it easy to manage access – and hard to get locked out of the house

Digital locks are wireless, keyless, and sized to replace standard lock-and-key mechanisms. The digital locks let you control your door with a fingerprint, Wifi, or by entering a PIN code. With the sophisticated technology incorporated in digital locks, you and your belongings are secured at your fingertips. Especially, with the help of digital locks that allows you to control and track the access history with the help of a smartphone app. You can even invite your friends or relatives to your home when you are not present by sharing the keys via smartphone.

  • Digital locks offer great reliability

Digital locks are quite reliable as they deliver extraordinary features that allow you extra comfort, convenience and protection. If you are staying in an area more prone to thieves or intruders etc the intrusion alarm system will alert you of anyone entering your home and stealing your property. Further, it only allows the entry of authorised persons thus restricting the entry of strangers. Thus, digital locks are highly reliable in securing your home or unit.

Anti-theft mode or intrusion alarm feature makes you alert and take action against the thief once the lock detects it. Sometimes the thief might enter your home unknowingly and suddenly the alarm sounds making you aware that the thief has entered your home taking away your belongings or valuable items. This effectively helps you to take action against that thief and grab your belongings from him thus keeping you and your property safe.

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