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Explore New and Innovative 3D Design Laminate Doors With Us

  • Are you looking for a 3D design laminate door? Well, take a chance to explore new and innovative 3D design laminate doors with us. Leveraging our experience in the door manufacturing industry, we proudly design and manufacture 3D Design Door in Singapore. These doors are known for their superior quality and fine finishing at a reasonable price. Its design and quality is designed by our senior door designer Mr.Michael Xu with more than 10 years of experience. Visit us to find more interesting and innovative 3D design doors.

What are 3D Design Laminate Doors?

Let’s begin by learning about 3D design laminate doors. These doors are a new idea that mixes regular door practicality with the beautiful art of 3D designs. Unlike usual plain doors, 3D design laminate doors have detailed patterns and textures, turning any space into a piece of art.

Features of 3D design doors

The 3D Design Doors that we possess exhibit outstanding properties to make them an excellent substitute for solid wood doors. Its extraordinary features make these doors stand out of the crowd and are mostly preferred by our customers. They are widely acclaimed for their features like fire resistance (Non-fire resistance), dimensional accuracy, durability, resistance to corrosion, high strength, fine finish & eco-friendly.

Its outstanding properties make them an excellent substitute for timber doors. Also, they are termite, borer and water resistant. Besides this, it offers resistance to UV and fire, making it easy to use. Its unique 3D design beautifies your home attracting your visitors.

● Attractive design

The attractive design of this door captivates your eye and makes it more memorable that greatly matches your decor appealing many visitors.

● Flawless finish

We deliver 3D design doors that are elegant with fine finish and our service is flawless.

● High durability

Its great quality ensures high durability and strength.

● Customized doors

Get the customized doors from us with the best design. You can choose the best laminate from various options.

● Termite and borer resistant

These doors are even free from termites and borers requiring less maintenance.


So, if you are looking for the best 3D design doors, make sure to visit our showroom and grab the best one. We look forward to satisfy your needs and provide the best service.

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