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Zigbang Push Pull SHP-DP609 Digital Door Lock


Access Type:

5 way Access Methods:  Smartphone app , Fingerprint , Password , Key tag , Emergency key 


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Access Log (Wi-Fi)

Check who and when entered your home or when left home with mobile application.

Real-time Access Notification

Be notified with push message on your smartphone in real-time when your family returns.

Smart Bell

When your visitor rings the bell by touching the smart bell icon on the door lock, you will receive a push message in real-time.

Smart Open (Wi-Fi)

Whether you are out of home, you can remotely unlock the smart lock with the mobile application. *Available only on ‘Zigbang smart lock’ (Mobile application)

Scheduled PIN Code

Regular visitor can enter your home with a scheduled PIN code at the certain period of time.

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