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Zigbang Push Pull SHP-P72 Fire Rated Digital Door Lock


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5 Way Access Methods: Smartphone app , Fingerprint , Password , Key tag , Emergency key


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Zigbang SHP-P72 IoT Smart Door Lock

  • Access Log
  • One-time-use PIN code
  • Real-time access notification
  • Smart bell
  • Lock status alert
  • Intrusion alarm
  • Voice Guidance
  • Fingerprint access
  • Randomizer
  • Volume setting
  • Welcome function
  • 2 Step authentication
  • Away mode
  • Lockout mode
  • Low Battery notification
  • High temperature alarm
  • Auto Locking
  • Intuitive LED touchpad
  • LED status icons
  • Privacy mode
  • Emergency key

The most advanced door opening technology with Push-Pull lever and fingerprint sensor.


  • Push & Pull Handle For Better Convenience
  • You can easily open the door by pushing or pulling the handle with low noise, and vice versa.

 Unlock with Smartphone from Anywhere

Your smart phone is your door key. Simply and securely unlock your door with your smartphone from anywhere.

WiFi Connectivity

Be alerted on door lock status, set up one time password, manage duration pin for regular visitors and remote command anytime and anywhere.

View Access Logs

Know who is coming home in real-time. Receive alerts when members of your family arrive or leave home. You are also able to browse history logs.

Random Security Code

Before entering your PIN Code, you will be prompted to tap two randomly chosen digits, making it impossible to guess which numbers you have entered by looking at smudges.

High Temperature Alarm

If an abnormal temperature is sensed inside the home, a light on the interior side of the lock will start to flicker, showing you the emergency exit. The door lock will automatically unlock for swift evacuation.

Silent Mode

If you have children or often leave home at night, you can adjust the volume or mute the key tone/ door opening melody for your family.

Prank Warning

If you pull the door forcefully or use either of the access modes incorrectly for 5 times straight, the door lock will sound a warning and disable the access mode for 3 minutes to prevent trespassing.

Low Battery Alarm

When batteries are running low, the door lock will inform you through a specific melody or keypad LED.

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