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Are You Planning For A Vacation Leaving Your Valuables At Home? | Digital Safe Box Is The Right Choice

Are you planning for a vacation? In that case, you might be worried about your valuables, right? Well, have you heard of the digital safe box? A digital safe box provides a high level of security from all forms of hazards and threats, like burglary, fire, or flooding. Whether it is personal documents such as birth certificates and passports, or business documents like valuable legal documents and agreements, they are safe and well preserved inside this digital safe box. These documents are considered to be the most important ones. They don’t just prevent intrusion and theft, but they equally protect your documents against fire and further damage. Consider visiting our showroom to check these products from top brands like Nika, Nikawa, etc.

How digital safe box protects your valuables?

● Prevents intrusion or theft – With a digital safe box, you can grant access to authorized persons by giving them the PIN code. Thus, you get the idea of exactly who has access and who doesn’t. Allowing minimum access will safeguard your valuables from any unauthorized persons or prying hands. Further, keeping your documents in a locked drawer is not safe enough. As compared to digital safe boxes, drawer units with locks can be easily opened forcibly using a crowbar or by picking the lock. Digital safe boxes are far more theft-resistant than such drawers. They have a most advanced locking system that prevents forced entry and tampering. In addition to this, the heavy and sturdy material of a digital safe box makes it hard to carry and break open. This makes the digital safe box resistant to theft.

● Protects your valuables from severe threats – Digital safe boxes protect your irreplaceable documents from incidents like fire and water, which is one of the most compelling reasons to use. This is one of the added advantage of using the digital safe box. Apart from this you also have peace of mind knowing that they are safe no matter where you are.

What things do you need to consider before choosing a digital safe box?

There are different digital safe boxes available with various specifications and features in the market. You need to choose the most suitable safe box for your business or home depending on what you are using it for. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when choosing safe boxes.

● Size – Make sure to check the dimensions of your digital safe box to see it is of the correct size before purchasing. The best way to choose the right size for your safe box is to have a rough estimate of how much space they will take up.

● Fire-resistant – Preserving your valuables in a fire-resistant digital safe box poses a much lesser risk than replacing them when they are damaged in a fire incident. The fire-resistance rating of a safe box depends on what can be protected from afire, and how long it can be protected for. For example, if you want to protect items like paper documents and records, the internal temperature of the safe box should be less. Whereas if you’re storing items like computer hardware, memory cards, or DVDs, you’ll need a much lower internal temperature to protect those items from fire. Most digital safe box offer about 30 minutes of fire protection. Most of the digital safe box that we possess have certificates issued for that have undergone various tests and can withstand up to 1 hour of intense fire.

● Features – According to your requirement and the amount of protection you want to provide, you get the most advanced features to keep your valuables safe. You can check for features like fingerprint recognition, keypad access, fire resistance feature, auto-lock function, etc. These amazing features ensure that your property is secure.

Conclusion: So, considering all the above points you can buy the best digital safe box for you and keep your property safe. Its advanced features ensure that your valuables are well-protected even if you are out for a vacation.

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