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8 Interesting Features Of Nikawa Smart Hanger

Nikawa smart hanger is recognized as the world’s first 3D laser cut design laundry system in Singapore, where it features an automated laundry system that utilizes a3D smart dryer. This makes the overall drying process 50% more effective and 200% less time-consuming so that you will get the perfectly dried clothes within hours while saving your time and energy.

It is also incorporated with a UV light feature that kills 99.9% of microorganisms that are present on your clothes like bacteria and viruses, making your clothes clean and sterile in a short period of time. Its voice control system is also awesome. So, if you’re looking for the smartest way to dry your clothes do pick up Nikawa smart hanger by visiting us.

Why buy this:
● Smart and convenient features
● Free from micro-organisms
● Voice control system
● Durable piano paint applied

8 Interesting features of Nikawa smart hanger:-

● World’s 1st 3D laser cut design laundry system introduced – Nikawa designer laundry is the world’s first 3D laser cut laundry system. It is designed to elevate the interior decor of your place. With the fine work of micron-sized technology, create a fantastic laundry system leaving the traditional system behind.

● Durable piano paint  This hanger is applied with piano paint that is more resistant to corrosion and the color does not fade off easily. With piano paint finishing, a smart and beautiful laundry system is created that adds character and uniqueness to your home decor.

● Consumes less space – Nikawa smart hanger consumes less space delivering you extraordinary features. You can conveniently hang your laundry up in the air and create more space to fit your other furnitures and appliances. There is no need for you to create a special space for your hanger. It can rest anywhere.

● Modular 3D smart dryer – With the help of a 3D modular smart dryer, the process of drying your clothes becomes 50% more effective and 200% saving more time and energy. This is the most important feature allowing you more convenience and comfort.

● Stylish Light Design – Besides the center light, Nikawa smart hanger has lights placed at both left and right corners smartly for better illumination as we know it blocks the center light when there is the laundry hanging up.

● The smart sensor takes a pause during any kind of obstruction – The smart sensor stops the lowering when meeting with obstacles to prevent unnecessary injuries. This incredibly ensures the safety of you and your family making you feel safe and avoid any kind of injuries.

● Lifting function – The compactness and vertical lifting of this device consume less space effectively.

● Overload protection – The smart sensors of the Nikawa laundry system protect it from overloading. It avoids lifting if overloading (>35kg) is detected.

ConclusionNikawa smart hanger is well suited for HDB & Condo in Singapore, for easy and safe indoor drying. It makes your clothes dry in a smart and quick manner. If you are looking for the same do visit us and grab it at the best price.

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