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Laminate vs Veneer | Which Door Option Is Better?

Wooden furniture in Singapore is made of many types of wooden materials, like solid wood, Medium Density Board (MDF), plywood, and particleboard. Related to this, we come across terms like “veneer” and “laminate” doors. With respect to veneer door, a veneer is obtained by taking a piece of log, that is premium with desirable wood grains like walnut or teak, and carpentering it into a thin layer of wood, like a pencil in a sharpener. It is wrapped over MDF or plywood, or even solid wood sometimes.

Whereas laminate is not a type of wood material but the technique of gluing a layer of an engineered material like flat paper and plastic resins, mostly over particleboard or plywood. Likewise, it is referred to as Melamine boards or direct pressure laminate. On the basis of its property, we deliver excellent quality fire-resistant doors to protect you from fire. Since the laminates are water-resistant and scratch-resistant they are used in kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Also, a decorative pattern or color print can be painted on the upper layer of the laminate. So, if you are looking to buy any of these doors with customization, then consider visiting our showroom as we possess these doors with unique designs and awesome colors that blend perfectly with your interior decor.

Which one is a better one a laminate door or a veneer door?

● Appearance – Laminate doors are trending nowadays and their demand is increasing day by day. Each laminate door has a wood grain effect that is entirely consistent with the others that gives a royal look to it. This gives your home a very sleek, uniform look that works and blends well with your interior decor with so many design themes. Veneer doors are made of natural wood and hence, remain evergreen like wood, in terms of grace and elegance. It also enriches and beautifies your interiors with a natural wood effect but the color options as compared to laminate doors, are limited.

● Composition – Laminate doors are manufactured and designed by pressing together flat papers and resins that go over the surface of the door that is enforced by kiln seasoned, composite solid fillers, that fit tightly within. These fillers or blocks of rectangular wood do not have interstitial space or voids within themselves to store water and hence they are water-resistant that makes it useful to install near areas where water comes in contact. Veneer doors are made of a thin layer of hardwood that is stuck on a surface with adhesive to give the rather plain tops, a wooden effect.

● Variety – There are a variety of laminates available with us like they could be textured, high-gloss, or matte. Additionally, they come in diverse colors and shades. The wood or stone effect can be mimicked by textured laminates to enhance its beauty. We have 1000+ laminate finishes, so, you can choose the best laminate that suits your home theme. Veneer door is available in a limited number of shades but they ensure giving an ultimate natural wood look and feel.

● Durable – Laminate doors are known for their durability and reliability. Due to its properties like scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and water-resistant, it is highly durable. Veneers are usually not as durable as laminates. Also, they require enough maintenance and care since they are prone to scratches.

● Maintenance – Truth to be told laminate doors are definitely easier to maintain. They are not only scratch-resistant and water-resistant but also retain their look for years with less or no maintenance. Whereas, in comparison to laminate doors, veneer doors require more maintenance. You need to polish veneer surfaces regularly to maintain the look.

● Price – High-quality veneer doors are much costlier than laminate doors. Laminate doors are budget-friendly and are available at an affordable price.

Conclusion: You need to keep this piece of information in mind before buying a veneer or laminate door for you. Overall, laminate doors are quite pocket-friendly and are available with plenty of design and color options if you visit our showroom.

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