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7 Things to Consider Before Installing a Door or Gate

The entrance gate or a door is the focal point of your home and creates the first impression for your visitors. Apart from adding aesthetics and beauty to your entrance, they also secure your property from intruders. Every home, especially in Singapore, needs a gate and door for the safety of you and your family. Before you decide to buy a specific door or a gate, consider the below-mentioned points. For the best installation service, and outstanding product quality with customization, do visit us for more details.

1. Purpose

While the main entrance door and gate acts as a barrier to grant you the best safety. Opening the door with the gate closed will allow light and air currents to stream into the living area, making the room brighter and cooler. The gates are usually made of metal like mild steel, wrought iron, etc. Identifying the purpose before buying the door or gate will narrow your options. If aesthetic appeal is your priority, then go for manual metal or wrought-iron gates, or beautiful laminate doors that look elegant.

2. Style

Consider the design of your home before you search for the different options of doors and gates available, keeping in mind that it will match your overall home decor as this ensures that the house and the door with the gate blend well with each other. Besides, traditional gates, variations such as privacy gates and pet-friendly gates are available so that you can choose the best ones according to your needs. The privacy gates are designed in such a way that you are able to enjoy some privacy. As for the pet-friendly gates, they are designed to keep your pets safe within and strays away from your home.

The style of the gate and door should match the overall look of the home or office. Make sure the style chosen suits the building and creates the right mood for what you prefer.

3. Material

The next thing to consider is what type of material you are going to use. Once you’ve chosen the right door or gate that makes sense, you need to ponder on how the different materials will affect its ability to function well, its aesthetic, and its deterrence from both thieves and other factors. A wooden door is a great, classic choice that will make a home or building look rich, especially the veneer doors, barn doors, or classic bedroom doors. They are quite expensive compared to other materials, but they look beautiful with a natural and rustic look. They might require more maintenance as the sunlight can warp the wood.

Coming to the gates there are generally 2 sizes for the HDB gate such as 3×7 feet and 4×7 feet. Single panel main door or gate is available in 3×7 feet and double panel main door or gate comes is available in 4×7 feet. The sizes for the Condominium door or gate vary and depend on the ceiling height. Condominium doors or gates are slightly more expensive than HDB doors or gates due to their large size. In addition to this, a mild steel gate is the best choice compared to a wrought iron gate due to its excellent quality with desirable properties.

4. Customization

Though there are a variety of gates or door designs readily available, it’s not necessary that you will find one that perfectly matches your taste or size requirements. For this purpose, if you choose to buy with us you can customize the door and gate according to your needs.

5. Maintenance

Certain gates like iron gates initially don’t require maintenance but will gradually require with eventual oxidation. They need to be regularly sanded and repainted to prevent rust. Aluminium gates need less maintenance. You can either use paint or powder coat and it’s good to go. Mild steel gates require no or less maintenance.

6. Security

No matter which type of door or gate you install, if it is not good from a security point of view, it is of no use. So, in order to enhance the security, install a digital door lock or a digital gate lock, if necessary. You can approach us for these products to make sure you are highly secure. So, never compromise on the quality of products you are buying when it comes to the security of your home or property.

7. Color

We get thrilled to choose the right color for the door and gate and it is a matter of personal preference. You are free to choose any color for your door or gate regardless of the style or material you choose. If you visit us, you will see we have many color options with numerous designs and patterns that will best suit your home decor.


Consider the above points before you decide to buy the right gate or door for your home. We provide a wide range of varieties that you can choose from us. Feel free to contact us for any query we are here to help. Paying attention to a detail like the entrance door or gate can go a long way in providing you with a secure living experience in the house.

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