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Complete Guide to Change Laminate Main Doors: Installation, Material, and Door Seller


Have you ever gone to a friend’s flat and wondered why their HDB main door was so different from yours? It could be one of those brightly painted doors you see in certain housing estates or the more traditional-looking teakwood doors.

Perhaps you have asked yourself: “Why does it have to be so complicated to replace the HDB main door? Is it even possible?” The truth is, replacing an HDB main door can be difficult. There are regulations to consider and costs that come with implementing changes.

In this blog post, we will explore whether or not it is possible to change an HDB main door. We’ll look at things like legal permissions, renovation considerations, and other factors that may influence such a decision. Hold tight – here we go!

What is a Laminate Main Door?

In the search for an HDB main door, you must have come across laminate doors. Laminate doors are gaining popularity in Singapore. A laminate main door is made by pressing together flat paper and resins that cover the surface of the door and are reinforced by kiln-seasoned, composite solid fillers that fit tightly into it. The laminates are artificial materials with decorative patterns or colors that can be applied to the surface of a wooden or metal door, and their durability ensures the longevity of the doors.

Importance of the main door in HDB

The main door of an HDB flat plays a vital role in ensuring the safety & security of its occupants. It acts as an entry point to the home, and it must be strong enough to withstand any potential intrusions.

HDB flats are designed with thick wooden doors that are reinforced with deadbolts, making it difficult for any outsider to gain access without permission.

Some HDB flats also come equipped with automatic locking systems which prevent unauthorized entry even if someone was able to open the door. In addition, these doors also act as a deterrent against burglars or other criminals who may want to target residents living in public housing estates.

However, while changing a HDB main door may seem like a desirable option for many homeowners, it is not recommended due to various legal considerations.

This is because all public housing estates in Singapore require occupants to strictly adhere to design standards and regulations set by HDB when it comes to renovating their units – including modifying the main entrance door of their flat.

Therefore, if homeowners wish to change their existing main door they must first obtain approval from HDB before proceeding with any modifications or replacements – otherwise, they risk running afoul of local regulations and incurring hefty fines or worse consequences as a result.

Can we change the HDB main door?

  • Changing the main door allows you to personalize the entrance of your home, enhancing its overall aesthetics.
  • You can choose a design, color, and material that align with your personal taste and interior decor.
  • Upgrading to a more robust and secure door can enhance the safety of your home.
  • Consider materials that are durable and resistant to weather conditions, ensuring a longer lifespan for the door.
  • Explore doors with additional features such as digital locks, peepholes, or smart access systems for added convenience and security.
  • Consider the ease of use and maintenance when selecting a new door.
  • Choose a door that is easy to maintain and clean, considering the long-term care requirements.
  • Some materials may require more upkeep than others, so factor in the time and effort you are willing to invest in maintenance.

HDB Regulations when installing a main door

When it comes to putting a primary door in your HDB flat, there are certain rules you must stick to!

-It has to fit the size of your entrance, which is usually 3×7 or 4×7 feet, and if you’re looking to install any lock in the future, such as a digital lock, the door should have a thickness of 36mm.

-If the entrance is 3 meters from the lobby, stairs, or elevator, you must get a fire-rated main door certified with at least 30 minutes of fire protection. Furthermore, a self-closing device (which cannot be removed) must be installed as well.

-HDB flats have multiple main door choices, such as venner door, solid main door, nyatoh doors, with a distinctive design suitable for retro and classical houses. Homeowners may opt to install metal door gates for added security when the main door is left open, though it is not specified in HDB regulations.

Permitted materials and designs for HDB main doors

When it comes to selecting a main or interior door for your HDB home, there are several factors to consider, such as the material, style, dimensions, and color. 

Contrary to popular belief, the color of the door is an essential part of interior design that can considerably impact the overall style of your home. HDB main doors are available in a range of materials, including Nyatoh, laminates, and fire-rated doors, each with its own set of benefits & Negatives.

In terms of design, HDB front doors come in two prescribed sizes, either single-paneled 3×7 feet doors or double-paneled 4×7 feet doors. Many creative design options are also available, such as glass sliding doors for the kitchen, bi-fold doors, and barn doors. When choosing a main door, it’s important to ensure that it meets HDB’s door and gate renovation guidelines and is secure. You can also come to visit us if you need to get some of the best doors for your HDB.

Why Choose a door seller that meets HDB requirements:

Here are 5 reasons why you should Find an HDB-Approved Door Seller like Us (HDDoor)

1. Quality Assurance: Approved door sellers go through rigorous quality control tests, ensuring that the doors you’re getting meet the highest performance and safety standards.

2. Peace of Mind: When you buy from an approved seller, you know your door will be installed correctly – and if something goes wrong, there’s help on hand.

3. Exact Measurements: HDB-approved door sellers have precise measurements for their products, so there won’t be any surprises when your door arrives.

4. Certified Experts: Working with an approved door seller not only means you’ll get impeccably crafted doors, but you’ll also benefit from experienced professionals who can answer any questions and guide you through the process.

5. Reliability: When choosing an HDB-approved door seller, you invest in quality workmanship and reliable service. You can rest assured that your doors and frames will last for years.

Final thoughts :

Can HDB’s main door, then? It remains to be seen. Given the sheer number of available options and possibilities in today’s market, such a change wouldn’t be too hard. On the other hand, one might suspect that such an endeavor would be met with resistance from residents and even HDB while yielding little reward. Ultimately, it is up to us to decide what we should do and whether these changes are worth our time and energy – let’s hope for the best!