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7 Benefits of Slide and Swing Doors

The demand for slide and swing doors in Singapore is increasing nowadays. Slide and swing toilet doors give you extra space and it does not need to follow the track and uses the magnet to attract the frame to allow easy locking. Slide and swing doors maximize the living spaces and are easier to operate as they can be opened from different angles. If you visit our showroom you will find many beautiful slide and swing doors with impressive designs and colors.

Slide and swing doors in Singapore are an excellent option for those who wish to have modern design washrooms. If you are looking to install, this is the right time to make your toilets unique and stylish. These doors use minimum space, and you can swing and slide at any point. The magnet system of these doors offers easy locking. These doors ensure easy cleaning and offer resistance to weather. The frames are available in black, grey, and white colors to mix and match the design of your toilet.

Why should you choose slide and swing doors?

● Consumes less space – Aluminium slide and swing doors glide along a track. These doors consume less space to swing open like traditional doors. Due to this feature, they are the perfect addition to homes with limited spaces. Aluminium slide and swing doors offer a seamless transition between the inside and outside of your home and hence are perfect for rooms that open up to gardens and patios.

● Lightweight and durable – Aluminium slide and swing doors are not much affected by external factors such as rusting, fading, and rotting. Its awesome features are effective to withstand various natural environments while still delivering astonishing performance for a long period of time.

● Simply slide and swing to open – A multi-pane door is quite flexible to allow the individual panes to align on a single track therefore there is no loss of space but the panes are able to operate individually without any visible hinges or hardware, allowing multiple access. This new door offers a unique way of opening ordinary rooms, opening up spaces between rooms or between the home and the conservatory or garden in a stylish manner.

● Water-resistant, rust-resistant, and weather-resistant – Aluminium slide and swing door work great as a bathroom door. It is resistant to corrosion, unlike most metals. Also, it is water-resistant and can stand high and cold temperatures.

● Allow the flow of natural light – Aluminium slide and swing doors have large panes of glass that run from the top to the bottom of each door panel, allowing a great amount of natural light inside your home. The increase in the flow of natural light allows you to enjoy a well-lit interior which leads to a reduction in the usage of artificial lighting during the daytime.

● Less maintenance – The materials of slide and swing doors vary from traditional wood to glass and aluminium materials. Aluminium is the material to look for while choosing a slide and swing door as it is more durable and it requires less maintenance.

● Customize the design with a wide range of color tones – We have the best collection of slide and swing doors with amazing designs and vibrant colors. Consider visiting our showroom and selecting the best door for you. You can also customize the door the way you desire.

Conclusion: The aluminium slide and swing doors in Singapore progressively used structures in the design of living spaces, as well as being more practical than traditional openings. The benefits of slide and swing doors encompass a much broader spectrum offering you extra comfort and peace.

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