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Why is Mild Steel Gates the Smart Choice for Singaporean Homeowners?

Do you know why mild steel gates are popular in Singapore? The reason is mild steel is highly versatile with excellent quality performs greatly and is cost-effective. Since we sell mild steel gates we notice an increasing demand for mild steel gates in Singapore. The mild steel gate we deliver is of high-grade quality at an affordable price with impressive designs. You can even customize the gates to the desired size. Also, mild steel gates are meant to greatly secure your property and enhance the look of your entrance.

Why should you choose mild steel gates?

● The mild steel gate is highly durable and affordable – The mild steel gate is affordable, durable, customizable, and light weight. Being mild steel, it’s resistant to rust, unlike wrought iron. While heavy-duty and durable, it easily allows metalworkers to bend and twist in amazing designs. Since mild steel contains low carbon content, about 0.15 to 0.25%by weight, hence it’s a light-weight product. Another reason why it’s affordable is that it’s malleable. Since it doesn’t take much effort to mold mild steel in the desired shape and size, it cuts down the price of manufacturing.

● You are free to customize mild steel gate with great flexibility – Great flexibility and customizability make the mild steel gates all-time favourite while installing gates at the entrance. When compared to its counterparts, mild steel is quite easier to weld. The mechanical properties of the mild steel and its internal structure ensure that electric currents passthrough it without any resistance. As a result, it does not damage the metal and change the intrinsic make-up of mild steel.

● Interesting properties of mild steel – Since we deliver mild steel gates in Singapore that offer a variety of impressive designs and great quality, we know the property of high malleability of the mild steel. It is one of the most important benefits you get when you choose a mild steel gate. As we have already discussed, mild steel can be modified into any size and shape without much effort. This advantage becomes highly beneficial while customizing the gate or modifying it in desired shape and style. It also exhibits property like ductility where it gets deformed by just elongating it. Since mild steel has a high tensile strength it is capable of undergoing 15% of deformation. Besides this, it can be comfortably welded, bent, and reshaped into any size or design. This optimum flexibility of low carbon steel or mild steel makes it convenient to use in Singapore.

● Completely recyclable – Thanks to the gift of recyclability mild steel offers. Reusing mild steel scraps to manufacture another product is easy because recycling doesn’t impact the quality. Even if it is reshaped and remolded into a new product, mild steel retains its intrinsic properties and quality. In addition to this, the cost of salvaging mild steel from unsorted waste is minimum because of its ferromagnetism.

Conclusion: A large percentage like 90% of the home gates are fabricated using mild steel in Singapore. It is very affordable in comparison to other types of steel. Also, its malleable and light compared to stainless steel and wrought iron, and more durable. Whether you’re getting the keys to your new BTO flat or upgrading one that you’ve owned for years, consider visiting our showroom and choose the best mild steel gate for you.

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