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4 Different Types of Digital Locks perfect for any Singapore home

Locks are a pain, and there’s no denying it. They’re always getting lost, jammed, or broken, and it seems like you constantly have to replace them.

Wouldn’t it be better if there were another way? What if there was a lock that couldn’t be lost, jammed, or broken?

Well, there is!

Digital locks are the newest and most innovative type of lock on the market, and they’re perfect for any Singapore doors and Gates.

Here are 4 different types of digital locks that are perfect for any Singapore home:

1)Mortise locks

 Two types of Mortise digital locks are Push-pull and lever handle. 

But what exactly is a mortise digital lock?

A mortise digital lock is a type of door lock that uses an electronic keypad to open the door. The keypad can be either touch-sensitive or push-button. It is a bit larger than other digital locks, and again, it’s mostly used on Doors.

Two main types of mortise digital locks are Push-pull Locks and Lever handles.

Push-pull locks – are the more common type of mortise digital lock. They work by pushing or pulling a button on the keypad to open the door.

Lever handle locks – on the other hand, require you to turn a lever to open the door.

Mortise digital locks are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a higher level of security than any other locks on the market.

2)Rim Locks

Rim locks are the new hotness in home security, and everyone wants to know what they are. Here’s everything you need to know about Rim digital locks.

What are they?

Rim digital locks are the newest way to keep your home safe and secure. They work by replacing your traditional keyed deadbolt with a digital keypad. You can enter your code to unlock the door or use your fingerprint if you have a suitable model.

Why are they better?

Rim locks are more secure than traditional keyed deadbolts because it’s harder for intruders and unknown persons to pick them. Since you do not have to struggle around for keys, they’re additionally much more hassle-free. And if you forget your code, you can always use your fingerprint to get in + more additional ways of unlocking methods are also available.

3)Deadbolt locks 

If you’re looking for a digital lock that will keep your home safe and secure, you’ve probably come across the term “deadbolt.” But what exactly is a deadbolt, and what are the different types of deadbolts available? Here’s everything you need to know about digital deadbolt locks.

The deadbolt is a locking mechanism often used in conjunction with a doorknob. A typical deadbolt has a cylindrical body and a bolt that extends into the doorframe when locked. A key usually operates deadbolts, but some models also have a thumb turn on the door inside, allowing you to lock and unlock the bolt without a key.

There are two main types of deadbolts: Single cylinder and double-cylinder. 


As technology advances, so do the variety and capabilities of digital padlocks. Padlocks have been around for centuries, but digital padlocks are a relatively new invention, but again they are one of the basic levels of digital locks. So, what are digital padlocks?

Digital padlocks are electronic locks that use a keypad to input a code rather than a key. As a result, they are much more secure than traditional locks, as it is much harder to pick a lock with a keypad than one with a key. The only disadvantage is that you cannot access the padlock through multiple access cause you can unlock them only via a pin code!

Additionally, digital padlocks can be programmed to allow multiple codes, making them ideal for use in locker rooms or other shared spaces. Digital padlocks come in various sizes and shapes, but they all have one thing in common: they’re more secure than traditional locks. So, if you’re looking for something better than a conventional lock and don’t want to keep keys to unlock the door, consider investing in a digital padlock.

Final words!

In summary, various digital locks are perfect for any home in Singapore. Each type of lock has its unique benefits and features. Choosing the right lock for your home is essential based on your needs and preferences. With so many options available, there will surely be a perfect digital lock for your home.