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    We are one of the leading Fire Rated Door Suppliers in Singapore that offer promotional prices directly to the homeowner.
    Skip the stage of going through Interior Designer (ID) and get a significant cost saving for this portion of your list.

    The minimum requirement for¬†Fire Rated Door¬†is 1/2 hour as per HDB requirement. The common question HDB homeowners would ask ‚ÄúDo I need a fire-rated door for my HDB main door?‚ÄĚ.

    Case 1: If your HDB flat unit already comes with a fire-rated door provided by HDB initially, you will have to replace back your main entrance with a fire-rated door.
    Case 2: If your HDB flat unit’s main door entrance is 3 meters along the fire escape route, such as the staircase or nearest to the lobby lift then you require a fire-rated main door replacement.

    If your main door is a single leaf (which is 3 x 7 feet) and is not 3 meters from the lobby lift or staircase, then you can install a full solid main door at a cheaper cost.

    Who is Setsco?

    Setsco Services Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s largest test and inspection companies accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council.logo-setscoClick here to read more about Setsco

    Who is PSB?


    PSB Corporation is a service provider of a comprehensive and integrated suite of product testing, inspection, auditing, certification, training, and knowledge


    What type of fire-rated door do you manufacture?

    Currently, we are manufacturing 3 types of fire-rated doors in Singapore.

    • Coloured Painted Fire Rated Door (Old & Classic Type, Obsoleting)
    • Veneer Fire Rated Door (Was popular before Laminate, Obsoleting¬†soon)
    • Laminate Fire Rate Door (Lastest & Most Popular)

    Coloured Painted Fire Rated Door in Singapore

    The Coloured painted fire-rated main door is the most traditional and classic type of door in the Singapore market.
    These types of doors are very common for old HDB flats but for replacement, not many homeowners will change like to change.

    The advantages of a coloured painted fire-rated main door are they are the cheapest fire-rated door.
    They can be painted to any colour at any time you like in the future to give it a new door look.

    The disadvantages of a coloured painted fire-rated main door are they tend to fade off easily under rain and sun.
    They are also very traditional and classic look, not suitable for a modern look if you have a nice interior design home.

    Veneer Fire Rated Door in Singapore

    During the year 2005 to 2015, the Singapore Housing Development (HDB) furnish new HDB BTO flats with veneer fire-rated doors to new homeowners.
    At that point in time veneer door was very modern and popular cause they have many tones of woodgrain pattern design.
    Therefore many resales homes who are looking for a replacement of their new home main door will change to a veneer fire rated door instead of the classic coloured painted fire rated door.

     However, Veneer Fire Rated Door maybe good and popular from 2005 to 2015 but since 2016 all-new HDB BTO flats are now furnished with Laminated Fire Rated Door.

    This is because many customers have feedback/complaints about veneer fire-rated doors that under the rain, sun colour will fade off.
    Sometimes the town council maintenance worker washed the floor, the water spray, and left on the door, the colour of the veneer will fade off due to the lacquer; the protective layer wears off due to time.

    Another problem homeowners are also facing with veneer fire-rated door is that it easily gets scratches.
    Especially those homeowners who have small kids and pets at home.
    Thus we will not. Recommend homeowners to get a veneer door since the price difference of a Laminate Fire Rate Door is not much.

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    Laminate Fire Rated Door Supplier in Singapore

    For the past 2 years, Laminate Fire Rated Door is getting very hot and popular because they are very resistant to scratches and also water-resistant.
    This has helped to solve the problem in Veneer Fire Rated Door thus a lot of homeowners nowadays are changing their old doors to this latest trend Laminate Fire Rated Door.
    Not only do they resistant to water and scratches, and they are also thousands of designs for you to mix and match to have either classic, modern, retro, industrial, or even Scandinavian look.

    We are of the Fire Rated Door Supplier in Singapore that first started manufacturing this latest modern main door and bedroom room door.
    They can also be even used as the toilet door due to their good water resistance.

    Our price is very reasonable even though these are the latest trend door because we are the Fire Rated Door Supplier in Singapore and have our factory to manufacture the door ourselves. Therefore, we can provide a very reasonable price to homeowners.

       The advantages of the laminate are:

    1. Scratches resistance
    2. Water resistance
    3. Heat Resistance
    4. Better Sound Resistance
    5. Easy Maintenance
    6. Dust-Free
    7. A wide range of selection of designs to choose
    8. Colour will not fade due to good water and heat resistance

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    Can’t wait to change to the Laminate Fire Rated Door?