It’s a frequently asked question on this topic:

What kind of battery are we using?

Basically, majority of the Digital Locks are operating using 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries Only.

By default, there are batteries provided inside the package of all the door locks, however, the batteries that is inside the package are normally weak or not as durable and has been in the package for a long time. Therefore, it’s not advisable to use the packaged boxed batteries.

We will recommend changing to new batteries! There have been many brands of AA Batteries in the market and our most recommended brand would be to use Energizer / Duracell / Panasonic ALKALINE Batteries!

Energizer, Duracell and Panasonic Batteries are seen to be stronger and less possibility of battery leakage as tested by our customers. 4 pieces of the batteries can last the digital lock up to 8-12 months (depending on usage).

Battery leakage is the number 1 killer to Digital Lock Malfunction. Do check it regularly to avoid any rising issue to your lock.

Our Tip for Battery Maintenance on Digital Lock:


2) NO Rechargeable Battery

3) Do Not mix new batteries with the old batteries

4) If possible, change battery after 6 months