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Why are Vinyl Floorings Popular in Singapore?

If you visit most of the homes we have in Singapore whether it is an HDB or Condo, you will find this vinyl flooring frequently layered offering incredible benefits and gaining popularity day by day. Apart from homes, they are also used in commercial areas like offices, hospitals, restaurants, retail shops, and many more. While you consider having a vinyl flooring, different kinds of it are available here. Especially, vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets, vinyl planks, etc.

Vinyl tiles are obtained in classic designs like marble, granite, or any other stone like patterns. They have less thickness and wear layer and are installed using glue. Vinyl sheets are the thinnest form of all vinyl flooring. Its thickness and wear layer is approximately between 2mm-3mm. They are usually used in commercial kitchens or offices and places that include heavy walk in traffic. High end resilient vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tiles are applied for both residential or commercial properties.

Its thickness is usually between 4mm-5mm and the wear layer is0.3mm-0.5mm. They are the perfect tiles for HDB offering you a great feel and maximum comfort. Vinyl planks offer wood-like designs and are less in size and thickness. Do visit our showroom for the best vinyl flooring that excellently fits the design and style.

What makes vinyl flooring popular in Singapore?
The demand for vinyl flooring is increasing nowadays due to extraordinary benefits and satisfies the lifestyle you desire. Here are some of the reasons that make vinyl flooring popular.

● Delightful beauty with a rustic feel – A beautiful design with a great color and natural look elevates the beauty of your home decor. The outstanding quality and texture of the floor create a satisfied, profound, and vivid impression. It offers a unique beauty and a natural feel that makes you stay peaceful and calm. The wonderful display of wooden textures, floor tiles, and white ceiling perfectly contrasts thus beautifying your home.

● Versatile designs and patterns – A wide collection of pretty designs and colors of vinyl flooring are available in our showroom that provides a realistic wood grain look. While you choose vinyl flooring, different classic, contemporary or modern designs and colors are available that offer a luxurious look.

● It’s quite budget-friendly – You can have vinyl flooring and avail of its benefits at the most affordable cost. They offer a high end look of wood or stone floors at a fraction of the cost.

● Highly durable and resilient – Vinyl floorings are also known to be highly durable, that is they don’t wear off easily. Hence, if there is heavy foot traffic there is no need to worry.

● Easy and less maintenance – Vinyl flooring possesses a resilient protective coating that makes it resistant to stains and dirt. If there are any spills or splashes it can be wiped easily allowing easy cleanup.

Benefits of Vinyl flooring:

 Sustainable choice – As most factories strive to produce the most environmentally friendly solutions to win businesses they ensure that all their activities are carried out in an eco-friendly manner. This reduces the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) below the most stringent green building standards and implements take-back programs to reclaim flooring and enable a circular economy. From the perspective of planetary health, the embodied carbon footprint of vinyl flooring, that is the amount of CO2 emitted during manufacturing, transportation, and construction is less than one percent of a whole building’s embodied carbon. Hence, vinyl flooring is considered to be the sustainable choice and also contains recycled content.

● It’s recyclable – Vinyl flooring is a recyclable material and there is no need to throw it away in case you need to replace it as you can turn it into something new. Waste vinyl can be turned into a new vinyl by approaching a vinyl flooring company.

● They imitate the most expensive and luxurious flooring – Vinyl flooring imitates the look of wood or stone floors at the most affordable price. Natural plank flooring patterns can be imitated by admiring the aesthetic of hardwood floors or you can imitate glossy patterns of white marble with the vinyl flooring.

● Easy installation – Vinyl flooring involves easy installation. They can be installed directly on your floor.

● Acts as insulation and water-resistant properties – Vinyl flooring creates an insulating layer with efficiency and makes you feelgood while walking on it. It offers resistance to water and moisture. You can have this unique property of natural woody look vinyl flooring in your kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

Conclusion: Consider having a vinyl flooring that imparts a luxurious texture, rustic feel, and royal look to your home. They are known to provide many extraordinary benefits with an eco-friendly solution.

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