Starter Kits
The simplest way to get started

Our Philips Hue Starter Kits include four smart and energy-efficient LED bulbs, available in different color ranges and the Hue Bridge. They all work together to make your home smarter, comfortable and energy efficient.</strong

Installed in a matter of minutes | Hue Bridge included | Available in different color ranges

White & Color Ambiance Starter kit E26

White Ambiance Starter kit E26

Highest quality light with smart brains to boot

Whether you go for dimmable white light, shades of white or the full color range, you cannot go wrong with Hue light bulbs. All our lights create the highest quality light of any light bulb on the market. The fact that they are also incredibly power efficient and can be controlled in ingenious ways makes them smarter than smart.

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The power of the Hue Bridge


The Hue Bridge enables you to control your lights through your smartphone, voice assistants and smart accessories like motion sensors and wireless switches. It also unlocks smart features like setting schedules and routines or controlling your lights when you are away from home. You can even control your lights when the internet goes down.

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The ease and comfort of the Dimmer Switch


Discover the kits including a dimmer switch. They work without the Hue Bridge and you can easily adjust your light settings with the Dimmer Switch. The Dimmer Switch works as soon as you’ve installed the light and can be extended to control up to 10 different lights. You can upgrade to the Hue Bridge at any time to unlock the full potential of Hue.

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