Personalize Your Home Setting

A touch capacitive switch which allows you to transform  existing light switches into smart switches.

Smart switches are a direct replacement for your traditional built-in switches. They are installed using your existing in-wall back boxes.

The best smart switches still work as a regular light switch, but also provide you with new ways to control your home lighting and switch-wired devices.

True remote-control through a dedicated app, connected over your home WiFi network, so you can access your switches from anywhere, anytime.

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Convenient Remote Control & Scene Control

Control your lighting and check the status via app. Set up various scenes with connected devices, making your life easier and smarter.

Smart switches can control lights, hardwired appliances like waste disposal units and fireplaces, even the ceiling and bathroom fans throughout your home.

The most common smart switch uses include:

* Voice control using a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo

* Remote control with your smartphone – no more wondering if you left the the lights on when you get to work

* Creation of time-based schedules to turn your lights on or off at a specific time of day

* Setting up different scenes and “moods” for certain activities like watching movies, reading a book, or hosting a dinner party

* More complex event-based automation involving multiple smart devices using a smart home hub or a task automation service in the cloud.

Capacitive Touch Sensing Buttons

Bring users brand new interactive experience with sensitive touch control functions.

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Want to have your home lights turn on and off at a set time, or make it look like you’re home when you’re on vacation? Smart light switches let you do just that. With these switches, you can also control your lights through your smartphone, and connect them to other smart home devices, so that your lights will turn on if your security system detects an intruder.