Features of Smart Curtain

Reliable, adaptable, robust and discreet; premium solution for homes and buildings- Kyla Curtain Motor is the result of years of research in overall performance standards.

It is the first ultra-quiet, ultra-powerful and ultra-adaptable motor for curtains.

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  • Greater comfort: To activate your operation, you only need to press a button, and that’s it. In this way, manipulate the system either to raise, lower or so that the blinds are deployed automatically.
  • Automation: Install motorized curtain system with the option of remote manipulation, but of the most recommended and innovative options, acquire them together with a domestic control, it will give a plus to its functionality.
  • Sun protection: These blinds increase the sun protection where they are placed, whether your office, commercial premises or department.
  • Ease and efficiency: In general, the installation of electric blinds does not entail any complication, above all; thanks to its system, which manages to adapt quickly to homes.
  • Protection when being away from home: This exclusive system, little by little, has generated demand and prestige; besides being very innovative, thanks to its dynamism it also gives greater reliability when you are not at home.
  • Savings in electricity consumption: The motorized curtain track India are activated using a domestic system, which generates a significant reduction in the cost of electricity and takes advantage of the benefits of natural light throughout the house much more.
  • So, if you can program or manipulate the rise, fall or displacement of these when you are not at home, you will maintain a natural temperature in your home, you will save the constant use of heating or air conditioning, depending on the season or season of the year.
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