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Schlage S510G Digital Gate Lock – Enter Your Home Smartly and Securely

Schlage digital gate lock S510G progresses rapidly with the advancement in technology that includes fingerprint/card/Password access, etc. to easily access your gate. Diverse electronic finish and style options pair effortlessly with the most popular trim styles, allowing you to expertly tie together the perfect style inside and out. In addition to this, other extraordinary features like durable, fingerprint resistant screen, sleek and slim design, automatic relocking, etc. provides you great convenience and security.

Schlage digital gate lock S510G offers an easy way to enhance the style of the home with maximum safety and security. These simple, sleek and innovative digital gate locks bring the possibilities and potential to your home. Do visit our showroom to check out this product at the best price.

Access features of Schlage digital gate locks offer exceptional convenience:

● Access using fingerprint – Fingerprint access will allow you quick entry conveniently. It includes the thermal or optical scanner to store the fingerprints of anyone authorized to unlock your gate. Once the fingerprint scanner identifies that you are an authorized user, it easily allows you access thereby limiting access to unauthorized users. These locks provide you great convenience since you don’t have to keep track of a key, more than additional security.

● Access your home using an RFID card – Key card access such as RFID cards unlocks your gate when you hold it close to the lock. It is meant to offer you extreme comfort, confidentiality, and security. It is quite user-friendly allowing you easy access.

● Access your home by FOB – Similar to keyless devices used for cars, a key fob is a keyless remote device that allows easy access to your home. They are used with access control systems programmed to manage entry through one automatically locked gate or throughout an entire facility.

● Access your home by PIN code – Schlage digital gate lock S510G allows you to set and enter different numbers of digits from 6-12. You can access your gate easily by entering the PIN code without any worry of carrying keys.

Other awesome features of Schlage digital gate lock S510G to enhance security:

● Random PIN code feature protects your entry code – By entering some random digits before or after entering the password, greatly prevents the password from getting leaked. This further avoids peeping and revealing your original password.

● Adjustable strike plate – An adjustable strike plate is a latch strike plate with an opening you can move without having to chisel the cutout. If you’re having trouble making your gate latch properly, with an adjustable strike plate this issue will resolve.

● Illuminated numeric touchpad – An Illuminated numeric touchpad helps you to access the gate during the night time. Sometimes it becomes uncomfortable especially if you are returning from the office, so this illuminated touchpad will greatly help you in allowing you easy access.

● Built-in voice guide – This feature of the Schlage digital gate lock S510Gdelivers you the best guidance and instructions in the form of spoken feedback for the setup or installation and ongoing use.

● Auto-lock and auto relock function – If you set the lock in auto-locking mode and if you close the gate will be automatically locked offering you extra convenience and reassurance.

● Double locking – deactivate touchpad/cards when you are at home – When you enable the double lock function, the gate cannot open from outside even with the registered card, password, or fingerprint.

● Built-in alarm senses potential gate attacks – When you are going out for a trip or a vacation, this function generates an alarm sound when someone is trying to open the gate forcefully from inside.

● Weather resistant – Schlage digital gate lock S510G are weather resistant. This implies that the lock can withstand any kind of adverse weather conditions like rain, humidity, etc., and continue with its smooth and effective functioning.

Conclusion: So, the above features of Schlage digital gate lock S510G offer you easy access with enhanced security. Do consider visiting our showroom if you are willing to purchase this lock. At the end, this lock will grant you with the best safety, comfort, and convenience.

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