Samsung P727Samsung P728
Access MethodsBluetooth + RFID Card + PIN Code + Override Key + RFID TagBlutooth
+ Fingerprint + Number Pad + RFID Card + RFID Tag + Override key
ColourSilver / Champagne GoldSilver / Champagne Gold
VoltageAA Alkaline 1.5 Batteries(LR6) 4EA or 8EA(6V)AA Alkaline 1.5 Batteries(LR6) 4EA or 8EA(6V)
Power Source
9V Battery(6LF22) (Separately sold)9V Battery(6LF22) (Separately sold)
Electronic Control Method(Password entry or card or key tag reading)Electronic Control Method(Password entry or
fingerprint or card or key tag reading)
Weight3.8 kg(including both inner and outer bodies)4.1 kg(including both inner and outer bodies)
Outer Body
(including the handle) 86mm(W)x389mm(H)x64.5mm(D)
Inner Body
(including the handle) 88mm(W)x355mm(H)x69.3mm(D)
Outer Body
(including the handle) 87.5mm(W)x391.8mm(H)x64.5mm(D)
Inner Body
(including the handle) 88.5mm(W)x357.6mm(H)x69.3mm(D)
Product CatalogueSamsung-P727-Catalogue.pdfSamsung-P728-Catalogue.pdf
Product ManualSamsung-P727-Manual.pdfSamsung-P728-Manual.pdf
ImageSamsung SHP-DP727 Digital Door LockSamsung SHS P728
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