samsung smart door lock

Samsung will most likely be the first brand to come to mind when we talk about digital lock in Singapore. Samsung digital lock gain popularity through their stylish, trendy and user friendly design. Samsung also has a wide collection of digital lock that cater to different needs.  We are going to look into the most popular model of Samsung Digital lock.

Samsung SHS- P728

This particular model main attraction is its push-pull function which allow users to unlock the door by pushing the handle from outside of house to open door or pull the handle from the inside to open the door. It is also capable to link with the Samsung Smart Home systems so that users are able to link up their digital lock with security sensors and CCTVs in order to strengthen their security.

This Digital lock is able to offer 5 different types of access:

Biometric – It can also record 100 fingerprints which is ideal for a large family or   company

RFID Card – 20 RFIDs which can be either Samsung key tags or cards

Digit Code – This digital lock can set number pin within 4 digits to 12 digits

Bluetooth – Able to unlock using the Bluetooth via mobile devices

Manual key overide – Backup  mechanical key are provided  to override the lock in the events of malfunction

Some other useful feature in Samsung SHS-P728:

Strong Digital Lock – Two Way Latch Mortise strengthen the security of the digital lock.

Auto locking – Do not need to worry if you have forget to lock your door anymore

Touch pad screen – Using the touch screen panels will help prevent intruders from figuring out your password

Auto polling – Access will be granted immediately without to verify upon using the key card or tags. .

Battery power back-up – It has a backup power terminal using 9V battery.

Access history are available by using the Samsung app. So you will be able to know if there are suspicious person accessing your lock. Do take note that this digital lock is design like a handle. So it will not make sense if your door already has a handle.

Download: Samsung P728 Product Catalogue

Download: Samsung P728 User Manual