• Samsung SHS-1321 RIM Type Door Lock


      Samsung SHS-1321

      Automatic Locking: Door lock will be locked automatically when your door is closed.

      Random Security Code: Resident security is heightened by preventing password exposure with the random security code feature.
      By pressing randomly selected numbers prior to entering the password, guessing passwords by fingerprint marks is prevented, therefore doubling security.

      Double Authentication Mode: With the Double Authentication Mode setting, home security is strengthened and allows for greater security access. Door opening access requires two authentication verifications; both password and access card system input, therefore, it is safer and more secure.

      It is imperative that while the Double Authentication Mode is on, you do not forget the password.

      Intruder prevention feature with one touch: With a simple One Touch of ‘Home Shape’ button, users could provide against any external intrusion while outings. During the feature activation, alarm chime breaks out if an intruder entered from windows, verandas etc. other than the door(with installed doorlock) try to operate the door lock inside the house.

      Manual lock and open: Adjust a manual knob on the indoor unit to open and lock the door.

      Emergency Power Supply Feature: In the event that batteries run out, the door can be opened from the outside by using a 9V battery.

      Silent Mode: Silent mode doesn’t make melody sound. Don’t worry about waking up your baby.

      Low Battery Indicator: The low battery indicator provides you ample time and convenience to change the batteries; ensuring that your lock never dies on you.

      Download SHS-1321 Brochure & User Manual