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Two Tone Laminate Main Door with Groove Line


  • Warranty: 18 Months
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Groove Line Design
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Are you looking for a main door with double tones with all the benefits you want? Then, we suggest you install a Double Tone Laminate Main Door with Groove Line. Welcome your guests with a statement piece that stuns and tantalizes the senses.

Our Double Tone Laminate Main Door with Groove Line is truly one-of-a-kind. Featuring an attractive two-toned finish, this door gives modern sophistication while retaining classic charm. The unique groove line adds an extra layer of dimension to any entrance.

This product comes with a remarkable 18-month warranty and has a thickness of 40 to 45mm, depending on your door frame. It is the perfect choice for safely protecting your home from external intrusion and weather conditions. The main door is also water resistant, scratch resistant, and requires low maintenance – all thanks to the high-quality laminate finish it comes with.

The groove line on this laminate door provides a stylish accent that complements its striking good looks. The grooves are finely crafted with precision that brings depth and dimension. You can choose premium groove line colors or standard colors, and it’s your choice!

The groove line draws the eye along angular or rounded lines, depending on the door’s style. It creates subtle shadows and highlights that make each panel a visual delight.

Note: If your unit is near a staircase exit, you are required to purchase a fire-rated main door.

Get your Double Tone Laminate Main Doors with Groove Line today and ensure round-the-clock beauty & security for your home!

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Single Leaf (3*7ft), Double Leaf (4*7ft)

Groove Line Strip Colour

Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold


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