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Two Tone Laminate Main Door TTLM – 02


  • Warranty: 18 Months
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Marble Design
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This exquisite double tone laminate main door marble design will set the perfect tone for your home. Featuring a mesmerizing two-tone finish, this door has been cleverly designed to bring together luxury and modernity. The subtle yet distinct tones create a bold and captivating visual effect that can be customized to fit any elegant interior décor.

Made from premium laminates with marble pattern laminate overlay, this door dazzles. The laminates are durable, water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and low maintenance. With solid wood cores, the door withstands frequent use without damage. Laminate surfaces do not warp, dent, or corrode, even in extreme conditions.

Offering over 1000 laminate designs to choose from, the marble laminate main door suits every home and style. Despite its striking beauty, it retains the durability and value of fine laminate doors.

Our HDB Single Tone Laminate Double Leaf solid doors (4×7 feet) include a single grip lockset and magnetic door stopper, as well as a generous 18-month warranty. For extra peace of mind, if you live near the staircase exit, we recommend our fire-rated main door.

Overall , The marble design laminate main door fuses fashion and fortitude. With restrained elegance and laminate’s remarkable qualities, it secures while stimulating.

This door amplifies curb appeal and security in equal measure. You’ll enjoy the marble laminate main door as because it is a splendid, long-lasting investment for any home.

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Single Leaf (3*7 ft), Double Leaf (4*7 ft)


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