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Solity Gea 1000Bk Digital Door Lock


Wifi(optional), Mobile App, PIN code, Fingerprint , RFID tags, Physical key

Warranty: 3 Years (First 2 years full coverage, 3rd year parts only)

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Solity Gea 1000Bk Digital Door Lock  Features :

Enjoy five versatile unlocking options for enhanced security and convenience:

1. Fingerprint
2. Pin Code
3. RFID Tag
4. Mechanical Key
5. WiFi (Built-In)


1 – Fully Automatic Operation Mode
2 – One-Step Fingerprint Recognition               When Pushing Door
3 – Break-In Alarm
4 – Anti-Thief Function
5 – High Temperature Alarm
6 – Low Battery Alarm
7 – Forced Lock Function (Inside Double         Lock)
8 – Smart Solity Mobile App

Product Dimensions (L * W * D)

1 – Outside body (399mm * 85mm * 56.5mm)

2 – Inside Body (399mm * 85mm * 56.5mm)



solity gea 1000bk 6ways to unlock digital lock.



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Black, Champagne Gold

Wifi Add-on

Yes ($100), No


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