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Samsung SHS-P717/P710 Silver Digital Lock

$788.00 $699.00

SAMSUNG P717 DIGITAL LOCK because very popular after the Korean Drama, “Stars fall from the sky”.

Samsung P717 Digital Lock was the next best selling lock for Samsung however, most people will top up the slight difference to get the Samsung P718

This lock can register up to 30 cards, 1 password and has  5 mechanical key to bypass in case digital failed.

$788.00 $699.00

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Samsung P717 RFID Card digital lock is for users who detest fingerprint and is something at a more affordable rate.

World 1st PUSH PULL door lock concept
  • RFID Card/ PIN Access
  • Digital Touch Keypad with Random Codes
  • Selectable Dual Verification Access (PIN + Card)
  • Welcome feature for Users (Sensor Detects any motions within 70cm range)
  • Status Notification Feature
  • Alert system for any possible intruders
  • Securing door management with robust dual structure
  • PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
  • Manner Mode for quiet night outings
  • Emergency external battery terminal
  • Emergency mechanical bypass Key
  • Indoor wireless Remote Controller (Optional)

This model is different from P710 which is the Korea or China version as their door is mend to be swing outwards whereas Singapore’s is swing inwards

After the Korean Drama, Star Falling From The Sky, display the Samsung SHS P718 and P717 in every scene when they open or closes the door.

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