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Philips EasyKey Bundle Sale 702F Digital Door Lock + 5100K Gate lock


Access Type:

Door Access Method: Facial Recognition – Touchless Unlock | Smartphone App using Wi-Fi | Fingerprint (up to 100) | User Pin Code (up to 20) | One-time Pin Code (up to 1) | Mechanical Key (come with 2 key)


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Philips Easykey 702f Digital Door Lock with Facial Recognition:

The Philips EasyKey 702 door lock is a smart and secure way to unlock your door without keys or cards. It uses advanced 3D facial scanning technology to accurately recognize your face in any lighting condition.

Philips Easykey 702F Digital Door Lock Facial Recognition Specifications:

*  Automatic Locking
*  Hidden Pin Code
*  3D Facial Recognition
*  Indoor Infrared Sensor Unlock
*  Dual Verification Mode
*  Fingerprint Verification
*  3 Types of Alarm System
*  Auto or Manual Operation

Philips EasyKey 5100K :

Philips EasyKey 5100K Technical Specification:

* Safety: Safe handle | Fake PIN code | Outside forced lock
* Locking: Electronic deadlock | System lock
* Alarming: Anti-prying alarm | Anti-dismantling alarm | Anti-theft alarm
* Indicator light: Low battery indication | System setup | Lock status indication | Mute status indication | System lock indication
* Voice Guide: Human voice guide
* Fingerprint sensor: Semiconductor
* Main material: Zinc alloy
* Finishing: Electroplating
* Color: Black
* Emergency Escape: Manual key turning
* Fingerprint: 100
* RFID Card: 100
* Master PIN code: 1
* User PIN code: 10
* Mechanical Key: 1
* One-time PIN code: 1
* Operation Mode: Manual mode | Auto mode
* System setup mode: Normal mode | Dual verification mode
* Battery type: Alkaline battery
* Power Supply: 4 AA batteries
* Maximum battery capacity: 4
* Working voltage: 4.5-6V
* Service time: 8 months
* Emergency power: 5V power bank
* Door thickness: 38-60 mm | 60-90 mm | 90-120 mm Other range*
* Door opening direction: Left-in Left-out | Right-in Right-out
* Door type: Copper/ Security gates

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