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Nikawa Smart Hanger


The smartest way to dry your wet clothes

  • 35kg weight-bearing equivalent to 80 wet M-size T-shirt
  • Voice Control without need for a smartphone.
  • Energy-saving at 580W compared to the typical dryer at 3000W
  • 4 x 2m hanging rod that can lower down to 1.3m (adjustable)
  • UV light and Dryer: UV kills 99.9% virus
    Dryer reduces 50% of drying time
  • Length: 2000mm
  • Breadth: 500mm
  • Light Lumens: 600

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World’s 1st 3D laser cut design laundry system

With the fine work Of micron-sized technology, we create a gorgeous laundry system leaving traditional System behind.

3D Design nikawa smart hanger

Long-lasting piano paint
Piano paint is more resistant to corrosion and the color does not fade easily.
With piano paint finishing, we have created a beautiful laundry system that adds character and uniqueness to your home decor.

long lasting piano paint colour

Saves land space
Hang your laundry up in the air and create space for your other furniture’s and appliances.

space saving smart laundry system

Modular 3D smart dryer
With the 3D moving dryer, your drying becomes 50% more effective and 200% less time consuming. Energy saving.

modular 3D smart dryer

Besides the center light NIKAWA laundry system has lights place at both left and right for better illumination as we know when you have laundry hanging up there, it blocks the center light.

smart hanger with light designStops when meet obstruction
Smart sensor stops the lowering when meet with obstacles to prevent unnecessary injuries.
Effectively protect the safety of users and their families.

Lifting function
The compactness and vertical lifting saves land space effectively

Overload protection
Nikawa laundry system has smart sensors to protect it from overloading. It will not allow lifting if overloading (>35kg)is detected.

nikawa smart laundry system

HDB & Condo favourite nikawa smart hanger, for easy and safe indoor drying… Nikawa smart hanger is helps to dry your wet clothes in smartest way.

Nikawa super smart hanger Singapore cloth dryer

smart clothes drying rack

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